Best Lincoln Criminal Lawyers


Lincoln Criminal Lawyers – Your Strongest Advocates

Dealing with criminal charges in Lincoln, Nebraska can feel overwhelming. But with an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side, you can fight the charges and protect your future. Lincoln criminal lawyers know how to build the strongest defense against even the most serious accusations.

Understanding the Charges

The first step after an arrest is understanding exactly what you’ve been charged with. Charges like assault, DUI, drug possession – the list goes on. Your Lincoln criminal lawyer will explain the specific charges and penalties you face if convicted. This helps you make informed decisions when weighing options like plea bargains.

Investigating the Case

An effective defense starts with a thorough investigation of the circumstances. Your Lincoln criminal lawyer will leave no stone unturned, looking into details like:

  • The legality of how evidence was obtained
  • Background of witnesses
  • Any flaws in police procedures

This can reveal opportunities to get evidence suppressed or charges reduced or dismissed. For example, if your Fourth Amendment rights were violated through an illegal search or seizure.

Negotiating with Prosecutors

Rather than risk trial, many cases end through plea bargaining. An experienced negotiator, your lawyer can advocate for deals like:

  • Pleading to a lesser charge
  • Having charges dropped
  • Entering a diversion program

This satisfies the prosecution while minimizing penalties like jail time for you.

Mounting a Strong Defense at Trial

If a trial is needed, skilled trial lawyers know how to create reasonable doubt in jurors’ minds. Your Lincoln criminal lawyer can:

  • Give persuasive opening and closing arguments
  • Cross-examine witnesses to highlight inconsistencies
  • Object to evidence that violates your rights

Their experience and advocacy can be the difference between a guilty verdict or an acquittal.

Sentencing and Appeals

Even if convicted, the defense doesn’t end there. Your lawyer will advocate for the lightest sentence allowed by law. And they can identify grounds for appeals to get convictions overturned.

Why Hire a Lincoln Criminal Lawyer?

Navigating the criminal justice system is complex. Without proper representation, your freedom and rights are at risk. An experienced Lincoln criminal lawyer has the skills to build the strongest defense against charges. Don’t leave the outcome to chance – get a lawyer fighting for you.

Finding the Right Criminal Lawyer in Lincoln

Not all lawyers have the same track record of success. When choosing who to entrust your defense to, consider factors like:

  • Years of criminal law experience
  • Past case results
  • Reputation with prosecutors and judges
  • Resources to take cases to trial if needed
  • Commitment to personalized attention

Narrow down the options through consultations. Go with the lawyer you feel most confident in and comfortable with. The stakes are high, so this is a key decision.

Criminal Defense FAQs

What happens at an initial consultation?

This first meeting allows you to explain your side. The lawyer will ask questions, review police reports, and explain defense options. They can give you an idea of potential outcomes. There’s typically no charge for an initial consultation.

What are common criminal charges in Lincoln?

Some of the most common charges in Lincoln include:

  • DUI
  • Assault
  • Drug possession
  • Theft/larceny
  • Domestic violence

An experienced lawyer has defended each of these charges many times before.

How much does a criminal lawyer cost in Lincoln?

Costs vary based on the lawyer’s experience, case complexity, and other factors. Simple misdemeanor representation may start around $1,500. Felonies with serious jail time exposure often cost $5,000 or more. Ask about fee structures – options include flat rates, hourly billing, and payment plans.

Can charges get dismissed before trial?

Yes, charges can potentially get dismissed through motions hearings before trial. This happens if your lawyer can show constitutional violations, lack of evidence, or other flaws in the prosecution’s case.

Let a Lincoln Criminal Lawyer Fight For You

Criminal accusations don’t have to ruin your life. With an experienced lawyer guiding you, many options exist. Take the first step and contact a Lincoln criminal lawyer for a free consultation. An advocate can make all the difference.