Best Lewisville Criminal Lawyers

Lewisville Criminal Lawyers: Your Guide to Finding the Best Legal Representation

Finding yourself in need of a criminal defense attorney can be an incredibly stressful and overwhelming experience. As a resident of Lewisville, Texas, it’s important to find an experienced lawyer who understands the local courts and laws and can provide you with the strongest possible defense. This article provides an overview of criminal law in Lewisville and tips for identifying the best criminal lawyer for your needs.

An Introduction to Criminal Law in Lewisville

Lewisville is located within Denton County and is part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. As such, criminal cases in the city are handled through Denton County courts like the 362nd District Court. The most common criminal charges in Lewisville include:

  • Drug crimes like possession, distribution, trafficking
  • DUI and drunk driving
  • Theft, burglary, robbery
  • Domestic violence and assault
  • Weapons charges
  • Sex crimes

Texas has some of the strictest criminal laws in the country. Even minor misdemeanors can carry heavy fines and jail time. Felony convictions can result in years in prison as well as a permanent criminal record. That’s why having an experienced criminal lawyer on your side is so important.

How to Choose the Best Lewisville Criminal Lawyer for Your Case

With so much on the line, it’s critical to have the best possible legal representation. Here are some tips for choosing a criminal defense attorney in Lewisville:

Look for Extensive Experience Handling Local Cases

The ideal lawyer will have years of experience specifically handling criminal cases in Lewisville and Denton County. They should be intimately familiar with the local courts, judges, prosecutors and processes. Don’t hesitate to ask about their track record with similar local cases.

Seek Out Board Certified Criminal Law Specialists

In Texas, attorneys can become board certified as specialists in particular practice areas by meeting stringent qualifications. Look for the designation “Board Certified in Criminal Law” which indicates the lawyer’s expertise. 


Consider Former Prosecutors

Some of the top criminal defense attorneys are former prosecutors. Their experience on both sides of cases can be invaluable. Ask any potential lawyer about their background.

Find Someone Aggressive Yet Strategic

You want an attorney who will fight aggressively to protect your rights and seek the best possible resolution, whether that means getting charges reduced or dismissed. However, they should use smart, strategic approaches – not just attack or antagonize prosecutors.

Look for Good Communicator

Your lawyer needs to listen and clearly explain your options while keeping you updated on your case. Make sure they are responsive and you feel comfortable talking to them.

Don’t Just Focus on Cost

The cheapest lawyer may not provide the best representation, while the most expensive may not be worth the cost. Find someone who charges reasonable rates for high-quality legal services.

Read Reviews From Former Clients

Online reviews can provide great insights into lawyers’ responsiveness, legal knowledge, communication skills and success with local cases. Take time to read reviews from multiple sites. 




Meet For a Free Consultation

Any lawyer you’re considering should offer a free case review and consultation. This lets you assess them in person and get professional insights into your situation.

What to Expect from Your Criminal Lawyer

Once you’ve hired a lawyer, what can you expect? In general, your attorney will:

  • Thoroughly review police reports and evidence
  • Investigate the circumstances around your arrest
  • Research potential defenses such as violation of rights, improper procedure, mistaken identity and more
  • Advise you on whether to plead guilty or go to trial
  • Represent you in negotiations with the prosecutor
  • Argue motions to get evidence suppressed or charges dismissed
  • Keep you informed and explain developments in your case
  • Prepare you for court hearings and trial
  • Present evidence and question witnesses during trial
  • Make arguments to judges and juries on your behalf

Reputable criminal lawyers also help with consequences of a conviction, such as minimizing fines and penalties or restoring your civil rights.

Key Defense Strategies in Lewisville Criminal Cases

A skilled Lewisville criminal lawyer will draw upon their experience and knowledge of Texas law to build the strongest defense for your unique case. Here are some of the most common and effective strategies they may use:

  • Attack flawed forensic evidence: Many drug, DUI and assault cases rely on forensic evidence that can be challenged or discredited by an expert lawyer.
  • Suppress illegally obtained evidence: If police violated your rights or proper procedures in obtaining evidence, your lawyer can argue to exclude it.
  • Raise reasonable doubt: Skilled cross-examination of witnesses and presentation of evidence can identify inconsistencies and holes in the prosecutor’s case.
  • Negotiate plea bargains: Lawyers negotiate with prosecutors to get charges reduced or even dismissed in exchange for a guilty plea.
  • Shift blame: For crimes involving multiple participants, lawyers may argue that others were primarily responsible while your role was minor.
  • Present mitigating circumstances: Explaining circumstances like mental health issues, addiction, self-defense and duress can sometimes lead to reduced charges or penalties.
  • Argue sentencing leniency: Even when convicted, lawyers can advocate for rehabilitation programs, probation or lighter sentences.

Finding the Right Lewisville Criminal Lawyer for You

Facing criminal prosecution can be overwhelming, but the right lawyer makes all the difference. Look for a Lewisville criminal attorney who is experienced, strategic and aggressive in defending their clients. Be sure to meet for a consultation so you can discuss your case specifics and get expert insights into your options. With the proper legal guidance, you can achieve the most favorable outcome possible.