Marijuana Laws and Regulations in Las Vegas, Nevada

Marijuana Laws and Regulations in Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, being in the state of Nevada, has some pretty chill laws when it comes to marijuana. Nevada voters approved legalizing recreational weed back in 2016, so adults 21 and over can now legally buy, possess and use marijuana in Vegas. But that doesn’t mean it’s a free-for-all – there are still rules and regulations in place. Let’s break down what’s legal, what’s not, and how to stay out of trouble when it comes to cannabis in Sin City.

Buying Marijuana in Vegas

The first thing to know is that you can only buy weed from licensed dispensaries in Nevada. There are a bunch dotted around Vegas, but you won’t find marijuana sold in stores or on the street like some other states. Dispensaries are the only legal way to purchase.You generally need to show ID like a driver’s license to prove you’re over 21. Some dispensaries let you order online then pick up in-store too. Just don’t try buying from random folks – that can still get you arrested for illegal distribution and possession. Stick to the legit dispensaries.In terms of what you can buy, dispensaries carry all kinds of products these days: dried flower, pre-rolled joints, edibles, vape pens, concentrates, topicals, tinctures, and more. The variety is really amazing compared to when legalization first happened.There are limits on how much you can purchase at one time though. You can only buy up to 1 ounce of flower or 3.5 grams of concentrates in a single transaction. For edibles, the limit is much lower – only 100mg of THC total per transaction. So you may need to make multiple trips to stock up for a Vegas vacation.The cost for legal weed in Vegas dispensaries typically ranges from $35-65 for an eighth of flower, $25-45 for a vape cartridge, $15-25 for an edible, and $50-90 per gram for concentrates. Definitely not the cheapest, but the convenience and legality make it worthwhile for many people.

Consuming Marijuana in Vegas

Once you’ve purchased some legal weed, where can you actually consume it in Vegas? Well, smoking or vaping is still illegal anywhere in public – that includes parks, sidewalks, hotels, casinos, concerts, etc. Basically the only place it’s allowed is in a private residence.That means most tourists have to stick to edibles or be discreet with vapes in their hotel room. Some folks try vaping on the casino floor or out on the strip, but you risk getting slapped with a ticket if caught by security or police. Not worth it IMO.A few hotels like the Cosmopolitan have designated smoking areas where you can light up a joint, but they’re still pretty rare. Cannabis lounges and cafes don’t really exist yet in Vegas either, although some are in the works.Your best bet is to consume weed privately in your Vegas hotel room or rental. Just be courteous and don’t stink up the whole floor with loud smoking – that can still get you in trouble if there are complaints. Consider low-key options like edibles, vape pens or dabbing concentrates.And definitely don’t drive while high! DUI laws still apply for marijuana impairment just like alcohol. So have a plan for transportation if you’re partaking. The monorail, Uber/Lyft and free hotel trams make it easy to get around Vegas without driving.

Possession Laws and Limits

When it comes to possession, adults 21+ can legally carry up to 1 ounce of flower or 3.5g of concentrate. Anything over that amount and you could face criminal charges for intent to distribute or trafficking. Edibles and other products fall under the concentrate limit.It’s also illegal to take marijuana across state lines, even if both states are legal. So consuming it all before leaving Nevada is a must. The airports in Vegas specifically prohibit carrying weed through TSA checkpoints. Don’t try it!For medical marijuana patients, the limits are higher at 2.5 ounces of flower and up to 2.5g of concentrate. But you need a valid Nevada MMJ card for the higher amounts, not just a rec receipt.In your home, there are no limits on how much legal weed you can possess. But it’s still illegal to sell or distribute without a license. Any sales outside of licensed dispensaries remain a criminal offense.

Public Use and Social Consumption

As mentioned above, public use of marijuana remains illegal in Nevada, even for adults. So smoking a joint while walking down the Strip is still prohibited. Consuming cannabis in any public area can result in a $600 fine.That includes major tourist spots like hotels, casinos, bars, parks, sidewalks, concert venues and more. Basically the only place it’s 100% allowed is in a private residence. Some hotels do have designated smoking areas, but it’s not common yet.Nevada actually passed a law allowing cannabis lounges and social use venues. But local governments can prohibit them, and Las Vegas has been slow to approve any business licenses. For now, there are no Amsterdam-style coffee shops or social clubs to legally consume weed in Vegas.That may change in the future as regulations evolve. For now, edibles, vapes and private use in hotels are your only legal options as a tourist. Public smoking remains a no-no. Be discreet and respectful of others when consuming cannabis in Vegas.

Driving Under the Influence

Driving while impaired is illegal in Nevada, even for legal marijuana use. The legal limit is 2 nanograms per milliliter of blood for THC. For perspective, that’s about half the impairment level of someone who just smoked a joint. Even small amounts of THC can result in a DUI.Nevada uses trained police officers as “Drug Recognition Experts” to detect impairment. They can screen for things like pupil dilation, blood pressure and balance to determine if someone is too high to drive. Refusing a sobriety test can also result in license suspension and fines.A cannabis DUI conviction results in fines, license suspension, possible jail time and mandatory DUI school. It also stays on your criminal record for 7 years. Needless to say, it’s much safer to take a taxi, Uber, Lyft or the Las Vegas Monorail if you plan to consume marijuana. Don’t take the risk of driving high.

Flying with Marijuana

While driving across state lines with cannabis is illegal, what about flying with it? Unfortunately, it’s also federally illegal to take marijuana through airport security checkpoints, even if flying between two legal states.Las Vegas airports specifically prohibit possession of marijuana on their premises. TSA may notify local police if weed is found in your bags, resulting in arrest and charges.So it’s not worth trying to fly home with your leftover Vegas weed. Either consume it before flying or dispose of it if you don’t want to risk legal trouble. Some dispensaries even offer airport disposal services.The best policy is to never bring cannabis to the airport at all. Then you don’t have to worry about accidentally leaving some in your bag and getting caught. Enjoy it before leaving town and buy more when you’re home.

Common Questions and Concerns

Here are some quick hits on other common marijuana questions for visitors to Vegas:

  • Can I smoke weed in my hotel room? Technically no, but many allow vaping with minimal smell. Avoid smoking joints indoors.
  • What about on my hotel balcony? Also technically illegal for public use, but some hotels turn a blind eye. Be discreet and avoid complaints.
  • Do all casinos prohibit weed? Yes, casino floors are a no-go for consumption. Some have designated smoking areas for tobacco that may also allow cannabis.
  • Can I use cannabis as a medical patient? Yes, with a valid Nevada MMJ card you get higher possession limits and can medicate most places that smoking is allowed.
  • What about CBD products? Hemp-derived CBD is legal in Vegas and can be possessed and used anywhere. But it won’t cause impairment like high-THC marijuana.
  • Any tips for using weed safely? Hydrate, go low and slow with dosing, have food on hand, and don’t drive! It’s strong legal stuff.

The Future of Vegas Weed Laws

While public use laws remain strict for now, Vegas is slowly embracing cannabis tourism more over time. With new dispensaries and lounges in the works, it should keep getting easier for visitors to legally and safely enjoy marijuana.Nevada also continues to discuss allowing public use lounges, cannabis clubs, restaurants that allow vaping, and other tourist-friendly options. Other legal states like California and Colorado are much further ahead in that regard.But for now, be glad you can buy and possess weed legally as an adult in Vegas. Just be discreet with any public use, stay out of casinos and off the roads when high, and enjoy responsibly!With the right information, you can have an epic Vegas trip while abiding by the cannabis laws and regulations. Now get out there, grab some legal bud, and have a blast in Sin City!