Best Jersey City Criminal Lawyers

Finding the Best Criminal Defense Lawyers in Jersey City, NJ

Dealing with criminal charges in Jersey City can be an incredibly stressful and frightening experience. The stakes are high, and your future could be on the line. Having an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side is crucial for navigating the complex legal system and fighting the charges against you.

But with so many options to choose from, how do you know which lawyer is the right fit? This article breaks down everything you need to know about finding the best criminal defense attorneys in Jersey City, NJ. We’ll cover how to research lawyers, questions to ask during consultations, average costs and fees, and more. Let’s get started!

Do Your Research

The first step is gathering a list of potential lawyers to interview. Here are some ways to find experienced criminal defense attorneys in Jersey City:

Pay attention to lawyer’s experience, case results, and client reviews. Look for attorneys who specialize in criminal defense and regularly handle cases like yours. Avoid lawyers who take on too many practice areas.

Narrow Down Your Options

Once you have a list, take a closer look at each lawyer’s background and credentials. Here are key factors to consider:

  • Experience – Look for 5+ years specifically handling criminal cases
  • Focus – Seek out lawyers who dedicate their practice to criminal defense
  • Case Results – Review their track record of getting charges reduced or dismissed
  • Reputation – Choose attorneys with positive client reviews and peer recognition
  • Courtroom Skills – Prioritize lawyers with proven litigation abilities

It’s also wise to verify licenses through the New Jersey Courts and check for disciplinary records via the Office of Attorney Ethics.

Interview Potential Attorneys

Once you’ve identified 3-5 promising options, set up consultations. Most offer free initial case evaluations. Come prepared with questions:

  • How much experience do you have with cases like mine?
  • What will your legal strategy be for fighting my charges?
  • Will you be the attorney actually handling my case?
  • What are your thoughts on plea bargains?
  • How often do your cases go to trial versus settlements?
  • What are your fees and how do you bill?
  • Can you share examples of case results similar to mine?

Pay attention to how knowledgeable and confident each lawyer seems regarding criminal law. Make sure you feel comfortable communicating with them. Trust your gut on who seems most capable of handling your specific case.

Understand Fees and Costs

The average hourly rate for a criminal defense lawyer in Jersey City ranges from $200-$500 per hour. Flat fees typically range from $1,500-$5,000 for misdemeanors and $5,000-$15,000+ for felonies. Rates depend on experience, case complexity, and the lawyer’s reputation.

Many attorneys offer free consultations and flexible payment plans. Be wary of unusually low fees, as this can indicate inexperience. Understand what’s included and get fee agreements in writing.

Top Criminal Defense Lawyers in Jersey City

Based on research, peer reviews, and case results, here are some of the top-rated criminal defense attorneys in Jersey City to consider:

1. Joel Silberman

With over 20 years of experience, Joel Silberman is known as one of the most aggressive and successful defense lawyers in Jersey City. He’s handled thousands of cases ranging from drug charges to white collar fraud. Joel is a skilled litigator who isn’t afraid to take cases to trial when needed. His fees are on the higher end but he provides elite-level defense.

2. Michael Pastacaldi

Michael Pastacaldi is a former municipal prosecutor turned passionate defense attorney. He’s handled over 7,500 cases and specializes in DUI and drug possession charges. Michael is praised for his courtroom skills and dedication to clients. His rates are moderate and he offers payment plans.

3. Bertram Okpokwasili

With deep roots in the community, Bertram Okpokwasili has over 25 years of criminal law expertise. He frequently handles drug, weapons, and sex crime cases. Bertram is known for his calm demeanor and meticulous trial preparation. He provides high-quality defense for reasonable rates.

4. Peter Aziz

Peter Aziz is a seasoned trial attorney with extensive experience fighting drug charges. He’s passionate about protecting clients’ rights in criminal cases. Peter has a strong track record of getting charges reduced or dismissed pre-trial. His fees are moderate for the area.

5. Anthony Carbone

A former public defender, Anthony Carbone has handled thousands of criminal cases over the past 20+ years. He specializes in DUI, theft, and juvenile cases. Anthony is praised for his communication skills and resourcefulness. He offers flat fees and payment plans.

The Takeaway

Facing criminal charges in Jersey City can be daunting. But finding the right lawyer for your case makes a huge difference. Do your research, ask lots of questions during consultations, and choose a lawyer you trust. The attorneys on this list offer top-notch defense for a wide range of charges.

Every case is different, so take time to select the lawyer that’s the best fit for you. With an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side, you can feel confident your rights are protected and fight the charges at hand.