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When you have been charged with a crime, be prepared for a complex legal maze to be put in front of you while your case plays out. From the initial arrest to your first court hearing, you will quickly realize how confusing the criminal justice system can be to those who are not familiar with its intricacies. Since the decisions you make will impact your future and that of your family, it is critical you make well-informed decisions based on facts rather than speculation. To do so, you should rely on the advice of criminal lawyers who have years of experience helping clients like yourself.

Explaining Possible Outcomes
When you have been arrested, you may start assuming that your fate is already decided by police and prosecutors. In these situations, defendants often hear from the outset that police and prosecutors have enough evidence to get a guilty verdict in court. Because of this, it is common for defendants to give a confession while being held, even if they know they are innocent of the crimes for which they have been charged. Naturally, this is the worst thing anyone can do while in police custody. If you keep your wits about you after your arrest and hire a criminal lawyer who can advise you on what to say and do along the way, you can learn there may be many different possibilities as to how you case may ultimately be resolved.

Guiding You Through Questioning
Even though police read you your Miranda rights upon making an arrest, they are still hoping you don’t listen very clearly to the part that advises you of your right to have an attorney present during all questioning. Unfortunately, police often get their wish in this area. For many people who are arrested, they think that if they go ahead and tell police everything they know and what they believe police want to hear at that moment, their case will be wrapped up and they will be given their freedom. However, all that happens is the police gaining more information they can use against you in court. Instead of digging a deeper legal hole for yourself, do not say anything other than what is absolutely necessary to police until you have retained the services of a skilled criminal attorney who can be present when you are being questioned. By having your attorney with you during this process, you will be advised which questions should be answered, what information you should convey in your answers, and gain the peace of mind knowing your constitutional rights are protected at all times.

Reduced or Dropped Charges
When most people are arrested, they have no idea most courts today are overbooked with potential trials, and that prosecutors are often looking for any and all ways to strike plea deals with defendants. By not being aware of this, people will often assume they must simply accept having their case go to trial and their fate be put in the hands of a jury. Yet upon hiring a criminal lawyer who knows the local court system, you can discover most prosecutors are much more willing to see charges reduced or even dropped if the evidence is far from convincing. By having a criminal lawyer handling your case, they can negotiate with prosecutors to strike a plea bargain on your behalf. With prisons being extremely overcrowded today, it is almost certain that a prosecutor will work out a deal with your attorney to avoid a complex and costly trial.

Building a Strong Legal Strategy
Depending on the crime for which you have been charged, you may need a legal strategy that is as strong as possible to help you be found innocent in court. For example, if the prosecution is determined to take your case to trial but has evidence that is at best circumstantial, your criminal lawyer will formulate a legal strategy that may involve bringing in various experts to refute the claims of the prosecution. From forensics experts to doctors, scientists, and even engineers or others, your criminal lawyer can examine key pieces of evidence against you, allow it to be examined by these experts, and call on these individuals to offer their testimony during your trial. While a jury may get bored listening to prosecutors, they often listen very closely when expert witnesses take the stand, which is yet another benefit you will gain from hiring a criminal lawyer as quickly as possible after your arrest.

You’re Not Just a Number
Along with many of today’s courts being overbooked with cases, the public defenders that are used in many criminal cases are also dealing with extremely large caseloads. Because of this, they have little time to dive into the details of cases, and are primarily just trying to wrap up each of their cases as fast as possible. As a result, you will not be given the sound legal advice you deserve. Since your freedom is on the line, never settle for second-best by using a public defender who tells you to plead guilty and take your chances in sentencing. Instead, hire a criminal lawyer who will look at you as a person, rather than a number. In doing so, you will be assured the advice given you is carefully thought out, is very specific to your case, and is what the attorney believes will help your situation get resolved to your satisfaction.

No matter the circumstances following your arrest, you want to fight as hard as you can to prove your innocence or see the charges against you reduced. To make this happen, consult soon with criminal lawyers who have the knowledge and experience needed to win your case.

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