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Glendale Criminal Lawyers – Your Ally In Fighting Charges

Getting arrested and charged with a crime in Glendale can be an incredibly stressful and frightening experience. Even minor criminal charges can carry severe consequences like jail time, fines, probation, and a permanent criminal record.When your freedom, livelihood, and reputation are on the line, it’s critical to have an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side. Criminal law is notoriously complex, with many nuances and potential defenses that a skilled attorney can identify and leverage to build the strongest case possible.This article provides an overview of working with a Glendale criminal lawyer, common types of charges filed, possible defenses, and what to look for when choosing the right legal representation.

Understanding Glendale’s Courts and Laws

Glendale utilizes the Los Angeles County court system to handle misdemeanor and felony criminal charges. The main courthouse located in Glendale handles arraignments, pretrial hearings, motions, and other proceedings for local cases.California has established complex laws and penalties related to all types of crimes ranging from theft, fraud, and drug possession to domestic violence, DUI, and homicide. Even first-time offenses for seemingly minor crimes can potentially involve jail time along with fines and other penalties.Having an attorney well-versed in Glendale’s specific courts, judges, and application of California criminal law is crucial to mounting the strongest defense. An experienced lawyer will know what arguments and strategies have the highest chance of success.

Working with a Glendale Criminal Defense Lawyer

The value of legal representation starts immediately after an arrest. Your lawyer can intervene at the police station advocating for your release or negotiating to minimize charges.Once charges are filed, your attorney will handle all aspects of building your defense including:

  • Reviewing evidence and challenging improper police procedures
  • Formulating defense strategies based on the specifics of your case
  • Negotiating with prosecutors for reduced charges or punishments
  • Filing motions to exclude prejudicial evidence or have charges thrown out
  • Presenting facts and arguments in court hearings to undermine the prosecution’s case
  • Working with investigators to gather exculpatory evidence
  • Collaborating with expert witnesses to validate defenses

Every case has its own nuances, so it’s critical to have an attorney take a comprehensive look at the details to identify potential issues with the prosecution’s position.

Common Criminal Charges in Glendale

While any type of criminal charge requires legal guidance, some of the most common allegations filed in Glendale that require experienced defense include:

Theft Crimes

Glendale handles many theft-related crimes every year including shoplifting, grand theft, robbery, burglary, and embezzlement. Defending against theft charges requires contesting the prosecution’s evidence regarding your intent to permanently take property.

Drug Crimes

Police vigorously pursue drug crimes in Glendale ranging from possession to trafficking and sales. Fighting drug charges involves scrutinizing the legality of any searches resulting in evidence and proving your lack of intent to distribute or traffic narcotics.

DUI Charges

Driving under the influence is aggressively prosecuted in Glendale. Skilled DUI defense involves contesting the traffic stop, any sobriety testing procedures, and validity of chemical BAC tests.

Domestic Violence

Accusations of domestic violence, assault, and battery against family members bring severe penalties in California. An attorney can probe the alleged victim’s claims and introduce facts about the context and history of your relationship.

Sex Crimes

Allegations related to sex crimes such as assault, abuse, and statutory rape are very challenging to fight. Your lawyer’s role is critical in evaluating the credibility of accusers and highlighting inconsistencies in their accounts.

White Collar Crimes

Fraud, embezzlement, identity theft, and other white collar crimes require legal expertise to counter complex financial and technical evidence. An attorney experienced in following an evidentiary paper trail can raise reasonable doubt regarding intent.

Building a Strong Criminal Defense

While the prosecution bears the burden of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, it takes an assertive legal strategy to undermine their case. Several key aspects of an effective criminal defense include:Investigating Crime Scenes and Evidence – Thoroughly examining a crime scene yourself and independently evaluating all physical evidence can reveal issues with the prosecution’s version of events.Undermining Witness Credibility – Eyewitness testimony is often unreliable. Skilled cross-examination of witnesses can expose inconsistencies and perception issues that raise doubts.Challenging Illegal Searches – Fourth Amendment violations related to unreasonable searches without probable cause or warrants can lead to evidence exclusion.Introducing Affirmative Defenses – Defenses like self-defense, insanity, and duress can sometimes justify otherwise illegal acts when supported by facts.Leveraging Defendant’s History and Character – Juries may be sympathetic to law-abiding, contributing members of society with positive backgrounds.Alternative Theories of Events – Developing plausible alternative sequences of events can make prosecutors’ accusations seem less certain.Case Law Precedents – Prior court decisions can support motions to dismiss, exclude evidence, or require prosecutors to meet a higher burden of proof.A combination of tactics based on the unique circumstances of a case can establish reasonable doubt resulting in reduced charges or even dismissal.

Choosing the Right Glendale Criminal Lawyer for You

Facing criminal prosecution is highly intimidating. Having the right lawyer in your corner makes all the difference.Factors to consider when researching attorneys include:

  • Years of practice handling specific crime types
  • Knowledge of local courts and judges
  • Case results and client reviews
  • Resources like investigators and forensics experts
  • Attorney discipline and communication skills
  • Comfort level with attorney’s style and personality

Schedule consultations with several lawyers to make an informed choice. The right representation can relieve stress and give you confidence during an extremely trying time.Don’t leave your future to chance. An experienced Glendale criminal lawyer can aggressively defend your rights, freedom, and reputation when facing prosecution. Leverage their expertise to achieve the most positive outcome possible.


Criminal charges in Glendale can have devastating personal and professional consequences without the right legal guidance. However, an assertive defense from a knowledgeable local attorney can frequently lead to reduced or dismissed charges.Don’t delay in contacting well-regarded criminal lawyers in the Glendale area for a free case evaluation. Protect your rights and future by taking action and gaining an ally with intimate understanding of Glendale courts and California criminal law. With an attorney’s counsel, you can make informed decisions on how to proceed, whether that involves negotiating a plea deal or vigorously contesting the allegations at trial.