Best Glendale Criminal Lawyers

Finding the Best Criminal Defense Lawyers in Glendale, CA

Getting arrested can be scary. Even if you’re innocent, facing criminal charges is overwhelming. Where do you turn? Who can you trust? Enter: Glendale’s best criminal defense attorneys. These legal eagles will fight for your rights and freedom.But how do you pick the right one? This article has the deets on Glendale’s top-rated criminal lawyers. We’ll cover credentials, specialties, client reviews and more. Read on to learn how to find the attorney who’s the perfect fit for your case!

Why Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Let’s start with the basics: why hire a criminal defense attorney at all? Can’t you just represent yourself in court? Well, you could but having an experienced legal pro in your corner makes a huge difference. Here are some key reasons to get a criminal lawyer:

  • They know the law inside out. Criminal law is complex! An attorney understands how statutes, sentencing guidelines and court procedures all fit together. They can identify the weak points in the prosecution’s case and the best defense strategies for your specific charges.
  • They’ve handled many criminal trials. Simply put, practice makes perfect. A seasoned criminal defense lawyer has negotiated tons of plea bargains, argued motions and conducted cross-examinations. All this experience is a huge asset!
  • They can negotiate with the prosecution. Prosecutors know that a skilled defense attorney won’t accept an unfair plea deal. This motivates them to offer more lenient sentences and drop questionable charges. A lawyer levels the playing field.
  • They advise you on legal strategy. Should you go to trial or take a plea bargain? Your attorney will weigh the evidence, possible sentences, and risks to recommend the smartest legal moves. Their insight is invaluable.
  • They know how to gather exculpatory evidence. Your lawyer can collect witness statements, obtain experts, and request documents that show your innocence. You may not even know this evidence exists.

Bottom line? Having an excellent criminal defense lawyer dramatically improves your chances of an acquittal or minimized charges. Their expertise provides invaluable guidance and protection. Now let’s look at Glendale’s top legal eagles…

Factors in Choosing a Glendale Criminal Defense Attorney

Glendale has no shortage of criminal defense lawyers to choose from. So how do you pick the right one? Key factors to consider include:

Relevant Experience

  • What types of criminal cases has the lawyer handled before – misdemeanors, felonies, white-collar crimes, etc? You want an attorney who regularly deals with charges similar to yours.
  • How long have they been practicing criminal law? Look for at least 10+ years of experience in this field. Seasoned lawyers have seen everything!
  • Do they have experience arguing cases in Los Angeles County courts? Familiarity with local prosecutors and judges is helpful.

Track Record of Positive Case Results

  • Does the lawyer have a proven history of achieving not guilty verdicts, acquittals, favorable plea deals and minimized or dropped charges? Ask for case results specifics.
  • What do past clients say about their case outcomes? Check online reviews and testimonials.
  • Has the attorney won difficult cases that went to trial? This shows strong litigation skills.

Client Rapport and Communication

  • Do you feel comfortable talking openly with the lawyer? Trust is crucial, especially for sensitive cases.
  • Does the attorney clearly explain legal strategy and options? You want transparency, not confusion.
  • How responsive are they? Look for lawyers who promptly return calls and emails to keep you informed.


  • What fee structure does the attorney offer – flat fee, hourly, payment plans? Get fee details in writing upfront.
  • Is the lawyer’s fee within your budget? Ask about potential add-on costs too.
  • Are they willing to negotiate fees for financial hardship cases? Look for flexibility.

By carefully vetting lawyers on these criteria, you can zero in on the very best criminal defense attorney for your needs and budget. Now let’s look at top-rated criminal lawyers available in Glendale, CA.

Reviews of Glendale’s Best Criminal Defense Attorneys

I’ve researched criminal defense attorneys across Glendale to identify the most highly recommended ones. Here are reviews of the top five rated criminal lawyers in the city:

1. Kraut Law Group

With nearly 50 years of criminal law experience, Kraut Law Group [] earns rave reviews for tough, smart defense in complex felony cases. Founding attorney Michael Kraut is a seasoned former Deputy District Attorney who now zealously defends clients in state and federal courts.Kraut Law Group handles a wide array of charges – domestic violence, sex crimes, theft, fraud, drug offenses, DUI and more. Attorney Kraut is known for meticulous case preparation, skilled negotiation tactics and relentless pursuit of the best possible outcome for each client. Many reviews praise the attorneys for “fighting hard” and being “worth every penny.”

2. Torosyan Law Firm

Attorney Art Torosyan [] has two decades of criminal defense experience in courts across Southern California. Fluent in Armenian, he represents clients facing charges that include domestic violence, DUI, drug crimes, weapons offenses, theft and sex crimes.Torosyan Law receives rave reviews for Attorney Torosyan’s sharp legal skills, compassion for clients, and success winning dismissals or minimizing charges. Many reviews describe him as “the best of the best” and commend the firm’s reasonable rates.

3. Rodriguez Law Group

Led by attorney David G. Rodriguez, Rodriguez Law Group [] handles criminal cases ranging from misdemeanors to serious, complex felonies. Their experienced team challenges search and seizure issues, uses forensic investigations, and exploits weaknesses in the prosecution’s case to build the strongest defense.Glowing client reviews praise the attorneys for being “aggressive in court” and “very knowledgeable on California laws.” The lawyers receive high marks for personalized attention and keeping clients fully informed. The firm offers flat-fee pricing for many criminal charges.

4. Glendale Criminal Defense Lawyer

The aptly named Glendale Criminal Defense Lawyer [] consists of two dedicated criminal defense attorneys who have handled over 10,000 cases combined. They defend clients against all types of criminal allegations including DUI, domestic violence, theft, drug crimes, weapons charges and more.Many happy clients describe the lawyers as “professional and caring” and “prompt and efficient.” Reviews mention the attorneys’ strong negotiation skills in plea bargaining and ability to get charges reduced or dismissed pre-trial. Their rates are also very reasonable.

5. Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer

Don’t let the generic name fool you – Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer [] gets rave reviews for personalized service from experienced attorneys. They handle everything from misdemeanors to serious, complex felonies across Southern California.Numerous glowing client comments praise the lawyers’ compassion, legal knowledge and success resolving cases with no jail time through plea deals or getting charges dropped. Rates are affordable, with free consultations.

Finding the Right Fit

I hope these reviews help you identify the perfect criminal defense attorney for your needs! It’s wise to meet with a few top contenders to ask questions and discuss legal strategy before deciding on who to hire. The lawyer who devotes ample time to understanding your case, sets realistic expectations, and puts you at ease is likely the best fit.With an experienced criminal defense lawyer in your corner, you can face the charges with confidence. Let their legal skills and negotiation savvy work to protect your rights and resolve the case as favorably as possible. Wishing you the very best outcome – you’ve got this!

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