Best Fort Collins Criminal Lawyers

Fort Collins Criminal Lawyers: Your Buds in the Legal System

Getting arrested or charged with a crime can be scary as hell. One minute you’re living your life, the next you’re tangled up in the confusing legal system. That’s where having an experienced criminal lawyer on your side can really help. The legal stuff is tricky, but criminal lawyers in Fort Collins know how to navigate it and protect your rights.In this article, we’ll break down what criminal lawyers do, when you need one, and things to look for when hiring one in Fort Collins. We’ll keep it real and talk straight – no fancy lawyerese here.

What Do Criminal Lawyers Do Anyway?

When you’re charged with a crime – whether it’s shoplifting, drunk driving, assault or something else – the prosecutor is gonna try to prove you’re guilty. Your criminal lawyer’s job is to poke holes in their case and show you’re not guilty (or at least create some reasonable doubt).They’ll investigate the facts, look for any violations of your rights, negotiate with the prosecutor, argue motions to get evidence thrown out – basically fight to get the best possible result for you. That could be getting the charges lowered or dismissed, or at least minimizing the penalties if you are found guilty.Having an experienced lawyer who knows the prosecutors and judges is a big help. They’ll know all the rules and strategies to give you the advantage.

When Do You Need a Criminal Lawyer?

Any time you’re being investigated or charged with a crime, it’s a good idea to bring a lawyer into the mix. Here’s some common situations:

  • You’re arrested: If the cops slap cuffs on you, you can (and should!) ask for your lawyer immediately. Don’t answer any questions without them present.
  • You’re questioned by police: Even if you’re not arrested, having a lawyer with you ensures the cops don’t violate your rights.
  • You’re charged with a crime: Once charges are filed, you need to start building your defense strategy with a lawyer ASAP.
  • You violated probation or parole: If you get accused of breaking the terms of probation/parole, a lawyer can help minimize the consequences.
  • To expunge your record: Many crimes can eventually be expunged/cleared from your record. A lawyer knows how to make that happen.

Bottom line – any criminal issues, even minor ones, can impact your life big time. Getting a lawyer in your corner immediately helps stack the odds in your favor.

Finding the Right Criminal Lawyer in Fort Collins

Not all lawyers are created equal. You want someone who knows the local courts and prosecutors inside out. Here’s what to look for:

Specialized Experience

Find lawyers who focus specifically on criminal defense in Larimer County. The law can be tricky, so you want someone who knows all the ins and outs. Look for experience with your particular type of charges too.

Courtroom Skills

Your lawyer needs to be comfortable arguing motions, cross-examining witnesses, and making persuasive speeches to judges/juries. Find out if they actually spend time in court (some don’t!) and check reviews on their skills.

Negotiation Chops

A huge part of criminal law is negotiating with prosecutors over plea bargains. You want a lawyer who can hammer out deals to get charges reduced or dropped.

Personality Fit

You’ll be working closely with your lawyer through a stressful time. Make sure you vibe with their personality and communication style.

Affordable Fees

Rates vary widely between lawyers. Shop around to find one with fair fees you can afford. Ask about payment plans too.


You need to be able to reach your lawyer easily by phone, text, email, etc. Make sure they have systems to keep you updated and don’t leave you hanging.

Key Criminal Defense Lawyers in Fort Collins

Here are some of the top-rated criminal lawyers in Fort Collins to consider:

1. The Law Offices of Patrick M. Rogers

With over 20 years experience, Rogers is one of the most respected criminal defense lawyers in Fort Collins. He’s known for his bold courtroom style and creative legal strategies. Rogers handles everything from DUIs and drug charges to domestic violence and sex crimes. Check out his website here.

2. The Keto Law Firm

Christopher Keto is a former prosecutor who now exclusively does criminal defense work. He’s an expert on DUI and marijuana laws and also handles juvenile crimes, white collar offenses, and federal charges. Keto is praised for his compassionate approach. Learn more about his services.

3. Anna S. Engh LLC

Engh worked as a public defender before starting her own firm. She’s particularly experienced with domestic violence, drug crimes, and appeals. Engh is known for her meticulous preparation and sharp mind. See testimonials from her past clients.

4. The Law Office of April M. Elliott

With degrees in social work and law, Elliott takes a holistic approach. She’s a skilled negotiator who fights aggressively while also addressing underlying issues that lead to crime. Elliott handles all types of criminal charges and juvenile cases. Schedule a free consultation.

The Takeaway

Dealing with criminal charges is overwhelming. Having the right lawyer in your corner makes a huge difference. Do your research to find an experienced Fort Collins criminal attorney you connect with and trust. Act fast once you’re charged – the earlier you get a lawyer involved, the better. They’ll protect your rights, build a strong defense, and help you get the best possible outcome. You got this!