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DUI Lawyers

You might find a lot of information telling you how to hire a DUI attorney, but it’s also important to understand why you need a DUI attorney. Having the right DUI attorney represent you can be critical to spot errors in the state’s case and help you determine the steps to take after a DUI charge. An experienced DUI attorney does much more than just represent you at trial. They handle each step of your case to determine and build all of your viable defenses and prepare to help you navigate each step of the criminal process. They can help you avoid errors that can make facing a DUI charge even more challenging.

Why you should hire a DUI attorney at your arraignment

Your DUI attorney can help you as early as your arraignment. You need to understand the charges against you. Mistakes in the state’s charging documents can provide you with important defenses to your claim.
It’s also critical to demand copies of your charging documents so that you can understand the specifics of the charges against you and how to defend against them. Your DUI attorney can help you secure bond so that you can manage your responsibilities. You have the right to a speedy resolution of the proceedings. If the state tries to stall your case, your attorney can help you take action.

Why you should hire a DUI attorney to investigate your case

Law enforcement doesn’t conduct a neutral and unbiased investigation. They might make mistakes or outright ignore their training. You should have your own DUI attorney in order to conduct an unbiased investigation. They can look at all aspects of the case from the traffic stop to the preliminary roadside tests to a breath or blood test. There are standard procedures for a DUI investigation, and your attorney is trained to spot the errors that law enforcement doesn’t want you to find.

Why you should hire a DUI attorney for preliminary motions

If there are questions about the validity of the traffic stop, hiring a DUI attorney can help you assert your rights. You may not even have to wait for trial. An experienced DUI attorney can help you bring a motion before the judge to challenge the state’s collection of the evidence.

Why you should hire a criminal attorney for plea negotiations

An experienced DUI lawyer can help you negotiate plea offers and understand them. It may be in your interests to accept a plea, but it’s important to understand what the plea negotiations mean. You need to understand all of the ancillary effects of a conviction of any type including exposure to jail, fines, driver’s license penalties, rehabilitative programs and even impact on your immigration status. Your attorney can help you appreciate all of the nuances involved so that you fully understand the choices that you’re making.

Why you should hire a DUI attorney for trial

If your DUI case goes to trial, having a DUI attorney represent you is critical for presenting your case in the right way and defending against inappropriate tactics by the other side. You need to ensure that the state doesn’t attempt to admit evidence that’s barred by the rules of evidence. You need to ensure that you can effectively tell the jury why the state is wrong about the charges. You should hire a DUI attorney to help you at trial and at every stage in your DUI case.

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