Best Costa Mesa Criminal Lawyers

Finding the Best Criminal Defense Lawyers in Costa Mesa, California

Looking for a good criminal defense attorney in Costa Mesa can feel overwhelming. There are so many options and you want to make sure you find someone truly skilled in criminal law who will fight for your best interests. Don’t worry – I’ve done the research for you and have the scoop on the top criminal lawyers in Costa Mesa.

What Makes a Great Criminal Defense Attorney?

When researching criminal defense lawyers, you want to look for a few key qualities:

  • Years of experience – Look for attorneys who have been practicing criminal law for many years. They’ll have deep knowledge of the local courts and prosecutors.
  • Focus on criminal law – Some lawyers dabble in many areas, but you want someone dedicated to criminal defense as their specialty.
  • Courtroom experience – Make sure they have plenty of experience actually defending cases in court (not just negotiating plea bargains).
  • Resources – The top firms have teams of paralegals, investigators, and other staff to build the strongest case.
  • Affordable fees – Rates can vary widely, so ask upfront about their fee structure. Beware very cheap lawyers, but also watch out for excessively high rates.
  • Good client reviews – Check online reviews and testimonials to get a feel for their commitment to clients.

The Best Criminal Lawyers in Costa Mesa

Based on years of experience, focus on criminal law, and great client reviews, here are my top picks for criminal defense attorneys in Costa Mesa:

1. The Rodriguez Law Group

With over 25 years of criminal law experience, the Rodriguez Law Group has an excellent reputation in Costa Mesa. Founding attorney Paul Rodriguez is a former prosecutor who now passionately defends clients against charges like DUI, drug crimes, domestic violence, and theft. The dedicated team has an impressive track record getting charges reduced or dismissed. Clients praise their responsiveness, diligence, and caring manner. Their rates are also quite reasonable.

2. Kazarian Law

Attorney Bryan R. Kazarian spent years working for the government, giving him an insider perspective when defending clients. His firm handles cases ranging from misdemeanors to serious violent felonies. Past clients give Kazarian glowing reviews for his strategic skills in the courtroom, compassionate manner, and success winning dismissals. He offers free consultations and payment plans.

3. The Law Offices of Kyle S. Humphrey

The Law Offices of Kyle S. Humphrey have an excellent track record defending DUIs, drug crimes, domestic violence charges, and complex federal cases. Attorney Humphrey is a seasoned trial lawyer who aggressively challenges prosecution evidence and introduces reasonable doubt. Many clients praise how he fights relentlessly for the best possible outcome. His rates are also quite affordable.

4. Orange County Criminal Defense

Attorney Matthew J. Horeczko takes an aggressive yet strategic approach, probing for weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. His boutique firm excels at getting charges reduced or dismissed pre-trial. He also has extensive trial experience for felony cases. Past clients commend his prompt communication, skill negotiating with judges and prosecutors, and compassionate manner.

5. The Law Offices of Robert R. Powell

With deep roots in the local legal community, the Law Offices of Robert R. Powell have been defending clients since 1992. Attorney Powell is a seasoned courtroom litigator who leaves no stone unturned. The dedicated team has great success getting charges dropped before trial. Past clients praise the firm’s responsiveness, diligence, and compassion. Their rates are also quite reasonable.

Finding the Right Attorney for Your Situation

The lawyer who’s best for your friend or family member depends on the specific charges and circumstances of the case. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Experience with your charges – If facing DUI, drug, or domestic violence charges, look for lawyers with extensive experience defending those specific charges.
  • Trial experience – If your case may go to trial, prioritize attorneys with a proven courtroom track record.
  • Budget – Rates vary widely, so be upfront about your budget constraints.
  • Location – Convenience is key, so look for lawyers close to your courthouse.
  • Comfort level – Make sure you feel comfortable communicating openly with them.

Take time to research options, ask questions, and trust your gut. With an experienced Costa Mesa criminal defense lawyer in your corner, you can feel confident your legal rights are protected.