Best Colorado Springs Criminal Lawyers

Finding the Best Criminal Defense Lawyer in Colorado Springs

Getting arrested and charged with a crime in Colorado Springs can be a scary, confusing experience. Having the right criminal defense lawyer by your side can make all the difference in getting charges reduced or dismissed, avoiding jail time, and protecting your future. I did some research to find the top-rated criminal lawyers in the Springs area who have proven track records of success.I wanted to share what I learned in a helpful, down-to-earth way. My goal is to give you the information you need to find the best attorney for your specific situation. Criminal law can get complicated real quick, so I’ll try to break things down in simple terms along the way.

Why You Need an Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you’re facing criminal charges, having an experienced defense lawyer is crucial. The legal system is complex, and prosecutors have tons of resources on their side.A good criminal defense lawyer knows how to navigate the system and protect your rights. They examine the evidence, look for any violations of your rights, negotiate with the prosecution, and defend you in court if it goes to trial.An experienced criminal lawyer can often get charges reduced or even dismissed. They know how to present you in the best light and craft effective defense strategies. Simply having a lawyer reduces your chances of being convicted and helps ensure you get the fairest outcome.

Finding the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer for You

There are many skilled criminal defense attorneys in the Colorado Springs area. To find the best one for your specific case, here are some key factors to consider:

  • Specialization – Look for lawyers who focus specifically on criminal defense, not general practice attorneys. You want someone well-versed in criminal law and procedure.
  • Experience – The more cases a lawyer has handled similar to yours the better. Ask about their track record with your type of criminal charge.
  • Resources – Choose a firm with the resources and manpower to thoroughly investigate your case and build the strongest defense.
  • Personality – Make sure you feel comfortable communicating openly with the attorney so you can work as a team.
  • Affordability – Rates vary widely, so ask about fees upfront. But don’t sacrifice quality to save money on legal fees.

Top Colorado Springs Criminal Defense Lawyers

I looked at reviews, credentials, experience and more to compile this list of the top-rated criminal defense attorneys in the Colorado Springs area:

1. Steven Rodemer

With over 15 years of criminal defense experience, Steven Rodemer has earned a reputation as one of the best DUI and criminal lawyers in the Springs. He’s defended thousands of clients against all types of charges.Rodemer is known for his meticulous trial preparation, aggressive courtroom advocacy, and compassion for his clients. He’s adept at getting charges reduced and avoiding the worst penalties.His office provides free case evaluations, so you can discuss your situation at no cost. Rodemer will assess your case and lay out your legal options.More Info: Law Office of Steven Rodemer

2. Jeremy Loew

Jeremy Loew is an experienced trial lawyer who’s defended high-profile criminal cases in Colorado. He’s passionate about protecting his clients’ rights and reputations.Loew has successfully defended clients facing serious felonies like murder, sexual assault, domestic violence, and drug distribution. He also handles DUI, traffic tickets, and other misdemeanors.His experience as a public defender gave him extensive courtroom experience. Loew knows how to craft creative legal strategies to get charges dismissed or reduced.More Info: The Loew Law Firm

3. Ted McClintock

With over 20 years of criminal defense work, Ted McClintock is known as one of the best defense lawyers in the Colorado Springs area. He began his career as a prosecutor, so he understands exactly how the prosecution builds cases against defendants.McClintock leverages this insider knowledge to aggressively defend his clients. He’s successfully defended complex, high-profile cases and takes a personalized approach to each client. His rates are also more affordable than many top defense attorneys.More Info: McClintock Law Firm

4. Mark Savoy

Mark Savoy is an experienced trial attorney who worked for years as a prosecutor before becoming a defense lawyer. This inside perspective allows him to stay one step ahead of the prosecution and build rock-solid defense strategies.Savoy has successfully defended clients against serious violent crime charges like murder, assault, weapons offenses, and sex crimes. He’s known for his relentless pursuit to get charges reduced or dismissed pre-trial.If a trial is necessary, he’s a fierce courtroom litigator devoted to his clients. Savoy offers free case reviews to evaluate your options.More Info: Savoy Law Firm

5. Timothy Bussey

Timothy Bussey has over 25 years of criminal defense experience protecting clients’ rights. His firm takes on cases ranging from traffic tickets and DUIs to domestic violence, drug crimes, theft, and sex offenses.Bussey is methodical and detail-oriented when preparing cases for trial. He can often get charges dismissed by finding issues with evidence or violations of your rights.If you’re convicted, Bussey can assist with record sealing and clemency petitions to help restore your reputation. He offers free consultations to review your case.More Info: The Bussey Law Firm

How Criminal Defense Lawyers Defend Clients in Colorado Springs

The best criminal defense attorneys use a variety of legal strategies and defenses to get the most favorable outcomes for their clients. Here are some of the main ways skilled lawyers defend clients facing criminal charges:

  • Investigate the Evidence – Your lawyer will thoroughly examine all the evidence, police reports, and statements to identify any irregularities, inaccuracies or violations of your rights. This can lead to evidence being thrown out.
  • Negotiate with Prosecutors – Defense lawyers negotiate with prosecutors pre-trial to get charges reduced or dismissed in exchange for a guilty plea. A good lawyer knows how to craft persuasive arguments.
  • File Motions – Your attorney can file motions to suppress evidence, dismiss charges or throw out your confession if your rights were violated. This can cause charges to be dropped before trial.
  • Build an Affirmative Defense – For example, self-defense or insanity defenses can lead to acquittals by showing the criminal act was legally justified.
  • Dispute Eyewitness Testimony – If the case relies heavily on eyewitness accounts, your lawyer can dispute the credibility and accuracy of witnesses.
  • Present Alternate Theories – Your attorney may present plausible alternate sequences of events to create reasonable doubt about what happened.
  • Negotiate Plea Deals – If the evidence is stacked against you, your lawyer can negotiate a favorable plea bargain with reduced charges and sentencing recommendations.
  • Defend You at Trial – During a jury trial your lawyer cross-examines witnesses, presents evidence in your favor, delivers compelling opening/closing arguments and generally destroys the prosecution’s case!