Penal Code 832 | Training Course for Peace Officers


Penal Code 832 | Training Course for Peace Officers

In California, Penal Code 832 PC establishes the minimum training standards for peace officers. This law requires completion of an introductory course covering topics like laws of arrest, search and seizure, ethics, firearms, and arrest methods.

The PC 832 course, also known as the Arrest and Firearms course, provides foundational training for new officers before they start exercising peace officer duties. Let’s take a closer look at what’s included in this training and requirements under California law.

What is the PC 832 Arrest and Firearms Course?

The key requirements of the PC 832 training course under California law are:

  • Minimum 40 hours of instruction on laws, arrest procedures, report writing, ethics, diversity, etc.
  • Minimum 24 hours of firearms training
  • Passing scores on written and skills exams

The full course totals at least 64 hours. Some key topics covered include:

  • Laws of arrest, search and seizure
  • Arrest and control techniques
  • Investigative report writing
  • Use of force
  • Firearms safety and proficiency
  • Community relations

The arrest component includes a written exam and skills tests. The firearms portion requires passing a shooting qualification test.

Who Needs to Complete PC 832 Training in California?

Under Penal Code 832, the following individuals must complete PC 832 training:

  • Newly appointed peace officers
  • Level 1 reserve officers
  • Custodial officers who become peace officers
  • Private security guards seeking limited peace officer status

The training must be completed before exercising any peace officer powers as defined by Penal Code 830.

How Often Does PC 832 Training Need to be Renewed?

Under California Code of Regulations Title 11, §1080, PC 832 training must be renewed every 3 years. This involves:

  • 24 hours of continuing education
  • Passing a requalification exam

Peace officers who don’t renew their PC 832 certification cannot continue exercising peace officer powers until they retake the full course.

Exemptions to the PC 832 Training Requirement

Individuals who meet certain criteria may request an exemption from PC 832 training under Penal Code 832(e). This includes:

  • Active duty military police within past 3 years
  • Federal law enforcement officers
  • Out-of-state peace officers
  • POST instructors who taught PC 832 topics

Proper documentation must be submitted to request an exemption. The hiring agency or POST provides the exemption certification.

Penalties for Not Completing PC 832 Training

Under Penal Code 832(f), it is a misdemeanor to exercise peace officer powers without completing the mandatory PC 832 arrest and firearms training.

Potential penalties for this violation include:

  • Up to 1 year in county jail
  • A fine up to $2000

Any arrests made or other official acts performed without proper PC 832 certification may also be subject to lawsuits or invalidation.

Finding a PC 832 Training Program

Many community colleges, police academies, and law enforcement agencies offer certified PC 832 courses. When selecting a program, important factors include:

  • Approved by California POST
  • Experienced instructors
  • Meets the 64-hour requirement
  • Prepares you for exams

An intensive training course can fully prepare you to pass the PC 832 requirements on your first attempt.

Importance of Proper Peace Officer Training

Completing PC 832 training ensures officers have the necessary knowledge and skills before starting duty. Proper training improves safety for officers and the public and minimizes liability.

Staying current on PC 832 certification through timely renewal is equally important. Letting it lapse puts officers and agencies at risk.