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Buffalo Criminal Lawyers – Legal Help in Western NY

Getting arrested for a crime in Buffalo can be a scary experience. The legal system here in Western New York can be complicated and confusing. Where do you turn for help when you’re facing criminal charges? This article provides an overview of working with criminal defense attorneys in the Buffalo area.

Finding an Attorney in Buffalo

If you or a loved one have been arrested, hiring a criminal lawyer should be a top priority. The sooner you have legal representation, the better. Buffalo has many experienced criminal defense attorneys and law firms to choose from. Here are some tips on finding the right one:

  • Ask family, friends, or colleagues if they have any recommendations
  • Search online directories like to read reviews and compare options
  • Look for lawyers who specialize in criminal defense specifically
  • Find someone with experience handling your type of case (DUI, assault, etc)
  • Meet with a few attorneys before deciding – many offer free consultations

When evaluating criminal lawyers in Buffalo, consider their experience, reputation, communication style, and legal fees. Make sure you feel comfortable working with them. This is a crucial ally for your case.

How Lawyers Defend Criminal Cases

Once you’ve hired an attorney, they’ll start building a defense strategy for your charges. This involves tasks like:

  • Reviewing evidence like police reports and witness statements
  • Filing motions to get charges dismissed if procedural errors occurred
  • Negotiating with the prosecutor for reduced charges or diversion programs
  • Securing expert testimony to undermine the prosecution’s arguments
  • Presenting affirmative defenses that excuse the criminal act, like self-defense or insanity

An experienced Buffalo criminal attorney knows how to identify weaknesses in the prosecution’s case and highlight facts that support your innocence or mitigate your culpability. They act as your advisor and advocate throughout the legal process.

Common Criminal Charges in Buffalo

Here are some of the criminal offenses that lawyers in Buffalo frequently defend against:


Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a common charge. Defense strategies aim to contest the traffic stop, field sobriety tests, or BAC readings. Punishments range from fines and license suspension to jail time for repeat offenders. For help fighting a DUI, check out this article from Buffalo attorney Arthur Pressman.

Drug Possession

Marijuana, cocaine, heroin – if it’s illegal, possessing it can lead to criminal penalties. A lawyer may argue improper search and seizure, lack of knowledge/intent, or request enrollment in a drug treatment program. Potential sentences depend on the type and quantity of drugs.


Physical assault covers a range of charges like harassment, menacing, reckless endangerment, and aggravated assault. Punishments vary based on the circumstances and injuries. Self-defense is one possible tactic. Domestic violence charges also fall under this category.


Stealing money, property, or services can result in larceny, burglary, robbery, shoplifting, and other theft charges. Defenses dispute intent or knowledge of the crime. Sentences depend on the value of items stolen and defendant’s criminal history.

Weapons Charges

It’s illegal in New York to possess firearms, knives, brass knuckles, and other weapons without proper permits. Unlawful possession often leads to arrest. Punishments depend on the type of weapon and the situation in which it was found or used.

The Cost of a Criminal Lawyer in Buffalo

Legal fees vary between different attorneys and firms in Buffalo. Factors like experience level, case complexity, and type of retainer impact costs. Expect to pay:

  • $2,000 – $5,000 for a misdemeanor DUI
  • $5,000 – $15,000+ for a felony drug case
  • $10,000+ for homicide, sex crimes, or major theft cases

Many lawyers offer payment plans to make costs more manageable. For defendants who truly cannot afford representation, the court can appoint a public defender.

Finding the Best Attorney for Your Situation

Every criminal case is unique, so it’s important to find a lawyer who’s the right fit for you. Meet with attorneys to discuss your charges, goals, and budget. Look for someone experienced but also willing to patiently explain things and address all your questions. With the help of a trustworthy Buffalo criminal lawyer, you can navigate the legal process and achieve the best possible outcome.