Best Boston Criminal Lawyers

The Top Criminal Defense Attorneys in Boston

Finding yourself in need of a criminal defense attorney can be an incredibly stressful and overwhelming experience. With your freedom, livelihood, and reputation on the line, it’s crucial to find an attorney in the Boston area who has the skills, experience, and tenacity to provide you with the strongest possible legal defense.I’ve put together this guide to highlight some of the top criminal defense lawyers practicing in Boston today. These attorneys have proven track records of achieving successful case results for clients facing a wide range of criminal charges – from DUI and drug offenses to white collar crimes and violent felonies.Whether you’re looking for an aggressive litigator to take your case to trial or a seasoned negotiator who can work out a favorable plea bargain, this list has you covered. Read on to learn more about these exceptional legal advocates and how they can help you navigate the criminal justice system in Massachusetts.

David Grimaldi – Preeminent Boston Criminal Defense Attorney

Widely regarded as one of the best criminal lawyers in Boston, David Grimaldi has over 16 years of experience exclusively representing clients facing criminal charges. He handles state and federal cases involving charges like homicide, sexual assault, firearms offenses, drug crimes, DUI, and white collar crimes.Grimaldi is a fierce litigator always seeking to get unfair charges dismissed. He frequently files motions to suppress evidence so that charges get dropped against his clients. His impeccable track record has led to recognition as a Super Lawyer in criminal defense year after year.Clients appreciate Grimaldi’s straightforward, compassionate approach. He works tirelessly to understand the details of each case and mount the strongest defense possible. If you’re facing serious criminal charges in Boston, Grimaldi is sure to be a valuable ally by your side.

Norman Zalkind – Seasoned Boston Murder & Sex Crimes Attorney

With over four decades of criminal law experience under his belt, Norman Zalkind has established himself as one of the most seasoned defense lawyers in Boston. He specializes in handling the most serious violent felony cases including murder, rape, child sex abuse, and other sex crimes.Zalkind is a true veteran of the courtroom, having tried over 120 high-profile jury trials in his prolific career. His fearless advocacy and litigation skills are unmatched when it comes to getting charges dismissed and securing not guilty verdicts for clients accused of horrific crimes.While his experience with violent crimes is unparalleled, Zalkind handles all types of criminal matters from white collar offenses to drug crimes. If your freedom is on the line, you want Norman Zalkind in your corner.

Benjamin Urbelis – DUI Defense Specialist

Arrested for DUI in Boston? Attorney Benjamin Urbelis needs to be your first call. As a former prosecutor, he understands how to effectively argue DUI cases from both sides.Urbelis left the District Attorney’s office to found Urbelis Law, LLC where he specializes in defending clients accused of drunk driving, OUI/DUI/DWI, and other alcohol-related crimes. He is a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and Massachusetts Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.With his inside expertise on how prosecutors work, Urbelis can analyze the flaws in the state’s case against you. He isn’t afraid to take your case to trial and fight to get unwarranted charges thrown out. For aggressive DUI defense in Boston, put your trust in Benjamin Urbelis.

Stephen Neyman – Former Prosecutor Turned Criminal Defense Lawyer

After starting his career as a prosecutor in Los Angeles, Stephen Neyman turned to criminal defense and has never looked back. With over 35 years of courtroom experience, he now provides top-notch representation to clients in Boston and throughout Massachusetts.Neyman is uniquely positioned to anticipate the prosecution’s moves thanks to his prosecutorial background. He is able to exploit weaknesses in the state’s case and build an airtight defense for his clients. Neyman handles state and federal criminal matters ranging from violent crimes to drug and firearms charges.Past clients praise Neyman’s straightforward approach, responsiveness, and constant focus on achieving the best possible outcome in every case he takes on. His trial skills are unmatched when it comes to getting charges reduced or dismissed.

Ismail Mohammed – Criminal & Immigration Defense Lawyer

Facing criminal charges and worried about your immigration status? Attorney Ismail Mohammed understands the high stakes of your situation. He provides expert legal services related to both criminal and immigration law.As a dedicated advocate for the immigrant community in Boston, Mohammed represents both citizens and non-citizens facing all types of criminal allegations. He works tirelessly to get charges dismissed while also protecting his clients’ ability to remain in the country legally.Mohammed has successfully guided numerous clients through the dual criminal and immigration legal process. His passion and dedication are evident in the personalized attention he provides to each client. If you’re an immigrant confronted with criminal charges, Mohammed has the skills to defend your rights.

Caleb Koufman – Award Winning Boston Criminal Defense Lawyer

Attorney Caleb Koufman is an up-and-coming star in the Boston criminal defense bar. Despite being relatively early in his career, he has already earned recognition as a “New England Rising Star” by Super Lawyers Magazine.Koufman provides aggressive and strategic defense against both state and federal criminal allegations including sex crimes, domestic violence, drug charges, and white collar offenses. His personalized approach and ability to see the big picture in each case set him apart.While he excels at formulating defense strategies, Koufman is also a tough negotiator who can work out favorable plea deals with prosecutors when appropriate. If you find yourself facing criminal charges in Boston, Caleb Koufman has the skills and drive to be your zealous advocate.

Joseph Simons – Accomplished Appeals Lawyer

Facing criminal charges at the trial level is tough enough, but the appeals process presents a whole new set of challenges. When considering an appeal of your conviction, you need an experienced post-conviction lawyer like Joseph Simons on your side.Located in downtown Boston, Simons handles direct criminal appeals in both state and federal courts across Massachusetts. He is intimately familiar with the appeals process and how to build a compelling argument to overturn your conviction or reduce your sentence.Simons also handles other post-conviction proceedings like habeas petitions, early release petitions, and petitions to seal criminal records. His impressive track record of appellate victories makes him one of the top post-conviction lawyers in Boston.

Finding the Right Boston Criminal Defense Attorney for You

I hope this guide provides a helpful starting point in identifying criminal defense lawyers who may be a good fit for your particular legal needs. Every case is different, so do your research to find someone who aligns with your budget, goals, and personality.The attorneys profiled here are among the best of the best when it comes to successfully defending clients in Boston and Massachusetts. Reach out for an initial consultation to discuss your case specifics and see if partnering with one of these accomplished legal advocates might be right for you.With an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side, you can feel confident knowing your rights are protected as you navigate the legal process. Don’t leave your future to chance – let one of these exceptional attorneys help guide you towards the best possible outcome.





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