Best Billings Criminal Lawyers

The Top Criminal Defense Attorneys in Billings, Montana

Finding yourself in need of a criminal defense attorney can be an incredibly stressful and anxious time. You likely have a lot of unanswered questions and uncertainty about what comes next. Having the right legal counsel by your side is crucial for navigating the criminal justice system and working to achieve the best possible outcome for your unique situation.

In Billings, Montana there are many experienced and skilled criminal defense lawyers who are dedicated to protecting their clients’ rights and helping them through difficult legal circumstances. This article provides an overview of ten of the top-rated criminal defense attorneys in Billings, MT to help you find the right legal representation.

What Makes a Great Criminal Defense Lawyer?

When searching for a criminal defense lawyer, there are a few key qualities that you want to look for. Some of the top traits of an effective criminal defense attorney include:

  • Extensive knowledge of criminal law and procedure – They understand the complexities of the legal system and how to build a strong defense.
  • Courtroom experience – Years of trial experience helps them perform well under pressure and argue persuasively.
  • Investigation skills – Digging deep into the details of the case helps uncover evidence and weaknesses.
  • Negotiation ability – They can work with prosecutors toward fair pleas or reduced sentences if needed.
  • Compassion – The best lawyers are understanding and work to minimize stress.
  • Strong reputation – Well-respected lawyers may hold more influence with judges and prosecutors.

The attorneys on this list exhibit these qualities and more to provide clients with skilled and dedicated legal services.

The Best Criminal Defense Lawyers in Billings, MT

1. Richard Asong, Asong Law Firm

With over 35 years of criminal law experience, Richard Asong is regarded as one of the top criminal defense attorneys in Billings, MT. He has extensive trial experience and a strong reputation for getting charges reduced or dismissed for clients. He handles both misdemeanors and serious felonies including drug charges, theft, and violent crimes. Clients praise his straightforward legal advice, responsiveness, and caring approach.

2. James Arthur, Arthur Law Firm

James Arthur is an aggressive and strategic defense lawyer who works relentlessly to protect his clients’ rights. He has successfully defended clients facing charges from DUI to homicide. James employs creative legal arguments and thoroughly investigates cases to build the strongest defense. He has over 20 years of experience representing clients in Billings and surrounding areas.

3. Lyndon Scheveck, Scheveck & Associates

With deep roots in the Billings legal community, the Scheveck family law firm is highly respected for criminal defense. Lyndon Scheveck has successfully tried over 150 jury trials and argued before the Montana Supreme Court. He has secured many not guilty verdicts for clients through meticulous case preparation and skilled courtroom advocacy.

4. Layne Scheveck, Scheveck & Associates

A former prosecutor, Layne Scheveck brings a balanced perspective to criminal defense cases. He has secured dismissals for many clients through identification of procedural errors or lack of evidence by the prosecution. Layne also has extensive experience negotiating favorable plea deals with reduced charges when appropriate. He is known for his sharp legal mind and compassion for clients.

5. Justin Stark, Stark Law Firm

Justin Stark is a zealous defense lawyer who works aggressively to protect the rights of clients accused of crimes in Billings. He has successfully defended high-profile homicide cases as well as drug charges, assaults, and white collar crimes. Justin is praised for his communication skills, responsiveness, and providing realistic assessments of case outcomes.

6. Jay Lansing, Lansing Law Firm

With over 25 years of criminal law experience, Jay Lansing is known as a passionate and dedicated defense attorney. He has successfully defended clients facing serious felony charges and secured many not guilty verdicts. Jay employs advanced investigative techniques and identifies technicalities to get charges dismissed when possible. He is also experienced negotiating with prosecutors for reduced charges.

7. L. Selvey, Selvey Law Offices

L. Selvey heads a Billings criminal defense firm focusing on DUI, drug crimes, theft, and juvenile cases. He is praised for his ability to relate to clients and make them feel comfortable through the legal process. Selvey Law Offices has extensive trial experience and a strong track record of keeping clients out of jail. Their team works aggressively to examine technical flaws and achieve charge dismissals.

8. Gregory Paskell, Paskell Law Firm

Gregory Paskell has over 30 years of criminal law experience in state and federal courts. His firm handles cases ranging from misdemeanors to serious violent crimes and drug trafficking. Greg has successfully defended clients in many high-profile cases by identifying procedural errors, unreliable witnesses, and other weaknesses. He works relentlessly to protect the rights and freedom of the accused.

9. Mathew Stevenson, Stevenson Legal

Mathew Stevenson is an aggressive criminal defense lawyer who works hard to level the playing field for clients accused of crimes. He identifies every avenue possible to get charges reduced or dismissed and keeps cases out of court when possible. Mathew is experienced negotiating favorable pleas with prosecutors and judges. He also handles appeals for those convicted of crimes.

10. Gary Ryder, Ryder Law Offices

With over 15 years of criminal defense experience, Gary Ryder has established a strong reputation in Billings. He has successfully defended clients against a wide range of misdemeanor and felony charges. Gary is known for thoroughly examining cases to identify technical and procedural errors for dismissal. He also excels at crafting persuasive legal arguments and negotiating with prosecutors for reduced charges when appropriate.

Finding the Right Billings Criminal Defense Attorney

If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges, having an experienced attorney in your corner can make all the difference. Take the time to research and find a criminal defense lawyer who makes you feel comfortable and whose legal approach matches your situation.

While all the Billings defense attorneys on this list exhibit the qualities of top legal advocates, consider your own needs. Meet with a few lawyers before deciding. Discuss your case details, their defense strategies, and overall legal philosophy.

The stakes are high, so it’s important to have an attorney you trust to fight for your freedom and future. With sound legal advice and skilled representation, you can work to achieve the best possible case outcome. The criminal defense lawyers on this list are dedicated advocates who can help guide you through this challenging time.