Best Bakersfield Criminal Lawyers


Bakersfield Criminal Lawyers – Your Guide to Finding the Best Attorney for Your Case

Getting arrested can be scary. Even if you’re innocent, facing criminal charges is overwhelming. Where do you turn for help? Who can you trust to protect your rights and freedom? This article will help you find the best criminal lawyer in Bakersfield, CA to fight for you.

Why You Need an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

The legal system is complicated. Prosecutors have huge power to pile on charges and seek long prison sentences. You need someone in your corner who knows how to beat the system. A good criminal lawyer will:

  • Investigate your case and find weaknesses
  • Negotiate with the DA for reduced charges or dismissal
  • File motions to get evidence thrown out
  • Present the strongest defense at trial

Without an attorney, you risk being railroaded. Don’t go it alone against seasoned prosecutors! Hire a criminal law expert to even the odds.

Finding the Best Criminal Defense Lawyer in Bakersfield

Not all lawyers are created equal. You want someone with experience, resources, and a proven record of success. Look for these key factors:

Years of Experience

Choose a lawyer who has spent years honing their skills and building relationships with judges and prosecutors. They’ll know how to work the system for the best outcome.

Focus on Criminal Law

A dedicated criminal defense firm is preferable to a general practice lawyer. Look for “Criminal Defense Attorney” in their title.

Board Certified Specialist

California board certification shows an attorney’s deep expertise in criminal law. Few lawyers achieve this distinction.

Former Prosecutor

A lawyer who once worked as a DA or U.S. Attorney has unique insights into prosecutorial strategy. They know how the other side thinks.

Impressive Case Results

Check out reviews and case results. A long string of dismissals and acquittals means you’re in good hands.

Local Knowledge

Hire someone familiar with Kern County courts, judges, and prosecutors. This home field advantage helps get better outcomes.

Top Criminal Defense Law Firms in Bakersfield

I’ve researched the best criminal lawyers in Bakersfield. Here are some of the top-rated firms:

Humphrey & Thompson

Humphrey & Thompson earns rave reviews for aggressive defense and impressive case results. Founding attorney Kyle Humphrey is a Certified Criminal Law Specialist with deep expertise. He’s known for winning tough cases others turn down. Attorney Jared Thompson is also highly experienced. Their reputation is stellar.

B. Scott Winkler, The Shafter Lawyer

Need help with a DUI? B. Scott Winkler is the go-to DUI defense attorney in Bakersfield. He focuses exclusively on drunk driving cases. Reviews praise his professionalism and legal knowledge. His office provides Spanish translation.

Rai Law Firm

Rai Law Firm handles felonies and misdemeanors ranging from DUI to domestic violence. Founder Navraj Rai has a strong reputation for responsiveness and meticulous case preparation. He accommodates Spanish, Punjabi, Hindi, and Urdu speakers.

Eric M. Nakata

Need an aggressive trial lawyer? Consider attorney Eric Nakata. He’s known for thoroughly investigating cases and fighting for the best possible outcome in court. Nakata handles serious violent felonies as well as white collar crime.

Jared Thompson Law

Jared Thompson is a former public defender who opened his own practice. He has extensive trial experience and a passion for criminal defense. Thompson pursues creative legal strategies while providing compassionate guidance to clients.

Finding the Right Lawyer for Your Case

Choosing the best criminal defense attorney in Bakersfield takes research. I recommend:

  • Checking online reviews
  • Comparing credentials and experience
  • Interviewing a few lawyers before deciding
  • Asking about case results and fees
  • Going with someone you trust

Don’t leave your fate to chance. The stakes are high, so take time to find the right legal champion. With an experienced criminal lawyer on your side, you can rest easier knowing your rights are protected.

Now that you understand your options, take the first step and schedule a consultation. Relief from the stress of criminal charges is a phone call away. You deserve the best defense possible. Don’t settle for less.