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austin physicians assistant license defense lawyers

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austin physicians assistant license defense lawyers

Physician assistants (Pas) are not exempt from the intense pressure that characterizes the healthcare systems. With stricter regulations and more oversight from the government, litigation issues have been on the rise. The practice of a physician assistant should be supervised by a doctor. However, the delegated authority does not fully protect assistants from disciplinary action. They still face the same risks as doctors when it comes to license suspension, revocation, license denial and other disciplinary actions by the State Licensing Board. Due to the pressure, mistakes can happen, sadly, these errors can cost a physician assistant their license.

Who can file complaints against PAs?

Complaints and allegations against Pas can come from different quarters. These claims can be filed anonymously and pursued if the allegations merit an investigation. Other sources of accusations include colleagues, competitors, other healthcare givers, insurance companies, law enforcement agencies, disgruntled employees, patients, and other state agencies. Physician assistants should note that the names of the complainants are kept confidential. The complainant may wish to waive their right to this confidentiality, and this is allowed. As evidenced, virtually anyone can file a complaint against a physician or physician assistant. This exposure necessitates the need for an experienced physician assistant license defense lawyer.

Physician assistants need to be aware of the action that can be taken against them. The following practices can attract disciplinary action.

Deception in obtaining a license

Deception while obtaining a license can cause a license revocation. Actions deemed as deceptive include, cheating in exams, forging documents, falsifying information in an attempt to obtain a license, aiding someone in cheating in an exam, making a false statement during a board hearing, among others. Other acts that fall under deception or fraud include unlawful practice, unprofessional conduct, and negligence. These unlawful practices make the healthcare provider the subject of inquiry and an investigation.

Criminal charges and convictions

Facing a criminal charge is a frightening experience, knowing that your license can be revoked only adds to this anxiety. Criminal charges are treated seriously, and the board views these actions as moral depravity. As such, criminal charges can lead to a temporary suspension as the physician assistant goes through trial. What ensues is a lengthy and invasive investigation, even if a court of law drops the charges against you. It is essential to bear in mind that the licensing board is not a legal entity. As such, they are not bound by constitutional rights. They can choose to carry out their investigations and take disciplinary action as they deem fit. If you have been arrested, you need to seek the expertise of a license defense lawyer immediately. These legal experts have dealt with the licensing board before, and they can advise you accordingly.

Substance abuse or addiction

As a physician assistant, you can easily become the subject of an investigation if you are found drinking excessively or abusing drugs. If you are suspected of being drunk or abusing prescription medicine while at work, your license can be revoked immediately. To avoid tough disciplinary measures from the board, you should seek legal expertise from a physician assistant license defense lawyer.

austin physicians assistant license defense lawyers

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