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Austin optometrist license defense lawyers

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Austin optometrist license defense lawyers

Optometrists as eye specialists stand to face spurious complaints from previous clients or even separate health care providers. Optical care is a medical career that requires huge cost and time commitments. Optometrists offer specialized treatment, and a loss of license is a major blow to their practice and the community as a whole. Investigations and trials can be lengthy and complicated. The license defense hearings become more complex when they are not adequately defended. Several charges can be filed against optometrist that will require aggressive representation from a license defense lawyer, among them:

Sexual misconduct
• Gross negligence
• Operating without a license
Criminal convictions
Prescription drug abuse
• Misrepresentation of your license status
• Incompetence
• Use of illegal narcotics
• Misleading advertising by optometrists
• Falsifying records
• Fraud
• Theft
• Fiscal dishonesty

Complaint hearings

Once the state receives a complaint or an allegation, investigations begin immediately. The outcome of the inquiry could lead to several penalties, fines, interim probation, complete revocation, and suspension. It is important for optometrist and health caregivers to understand that your medical license is a privilege and not a right. Again, the medical board is not bound by the constitution. This means they can decide on their merit to deny or grant a license. The honors are therefore on you to convince the board that you can still practice in spite of the charges against you.

The board will consider your sentiments in light of the situation or charge at hand. They will also consider if you are genuinely remorseful about any violations that you have committed. Due to the sensitivity of these proceedings and what you stand to lose, you need sound counsel. In the event that your license is revoked, you may have to wait for about 3 years before you can re-apply. Three years is a long time not to be earning and feeding your family.

Optometrist license defense

It is important to note that the burden is proof is on you. In light of this, you need to prepare adequately for the trial ahead. You may have to submit supporting affidavits from at least 5 people who are willing to attest to the board that you are fit to practice. The board generally insists that three of these people be professionals in your field. This means that there is a lot preparation to be done before the board hearing. Remember that the board grants a window of about 21 days in which you are expected to respond to the allegations against you. As such, you need a lawyer who is well versed in these matters. The attorney will help you to work on your defense and any supporting documents that will help your case. You also need to provide evidence that you have truly reformed.

Licenses can be reinstated in a matter of weeks. However, this decision is mainly pegged on your defense. Hiring an aggressive optometrist license defense lawyer will have an enormous impact on the outcome of your case.

Austin optometrist license defense lawyers

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