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Austin nurse license defense lawyers

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Austin nurse license defense lawyers

Raiser & Kenniff, PC, is one of the top rated Austin nurse license defense law firms. If you’re a nurse, and you’re accused of misconduct – your license, and your future is at risk. Regardless of the outcome, any negative actions taken against you – no matter how slight, can impact your future prospects.

Complaints and allegations of misconduct can lead to temporary or permanent loss of your practicing license. Charges made against nurses include neglect, deviation from standard care, and alcohol or drug abuse. The disciplinary and complaint process can be daunting and overwhelming. This is primarily because your career is in jeopardy. Protecting and defending your reputation can be an emotionally draining process. If you have had an allegation or complaint filed against you, it is best to enlist the services of a nurse license defense lawyer. Familiarity and experience with the process are key to preventing a license revocation or even criminal charges.

When do you need a Austin Nurse license defense lawyer?

There are several situations where the services of a license defense lawyer are crucial. For starters, obtaining your practicing license is a big milestone in your career. Facing the nursing board is part of the process, and the experience can be nerve wrecking. Denial is a possible outcome because the board has a right to investigate you. As such, it is best to work with a license defense attorney. Other circumstances that may warrant license defense lawyer services include:

• A complaint has been filed against you with the nursing board.
• You have been asked to report to the nursing board.
• The board has asked you to prepare a written statement regarding a complaint or allegation
• A formal hearing has been scheduled by the board to decide on a matter where you have been implicated.
• Your license has been revoked or suspended, and you need legal aid to get it back
• You have completed a substance abuse program and are seeking to have restrictions on your license removed.
• When you are charged with a crime.

When a complaint or allegation has been filed against you, there are several measures that can help your case as discussed below.

Take it seriously

It is ill advised to simply brush off a formal complaint, however, trivial it may seem. Allegations warrant an immediate and thoughtful plan of action. Most nurses dismiss complaints especially those that are without basis or those drawn from fabrications. Failure to respond to the allegations can send the wrong message to the board. They may assume that you do not take your work seriously, and this can damage your reputation. Again, failure to respond to the complaints made may expose the nurse to future professional risks.

Beat the deadlines

Complaints and allegations need an immediate response. When a complaint is filed against a nurse, the board sets a time frame in which a response is needed. The nurse needs to draft a written response to the allegations. Failure to respond in good time has far reaching consequences. Due to the anxiety that follows a complaint or an allegation, a nurse may not be in the best frame of mind to file a written response. This is where license defense lawyers come in. A good lawyer will walk you through the details of the complaint and help you respond in good time. When your career and practice is in jeopardy, it is in your best interest to seek legal aid from a license defense attorney.

Austin nurse license defense lawyers

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