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Austin medical license defense lawyers

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Austin medical license defense lawyers

If you are a healthcare professional, you have put in countless hours in a clinical setting and worked hard to obtain your license. When your integrity and medical judgement is called into question, it is frustrating and disconcerting. If you are a medical professional in Austin and are facing potential disciplinary action, you may benefit from speaking with a medical license defense lawyer to discuss your options.

Who Is At Risk?

Anyone who holds a medical license through the Texas Board Of Medical Examiners is at risk of losing their license in the event a medical malpractice lawsuit is filed or if criminal charges are filed for any reason. If you hold a medical license and are arrested for driving under the influence or on drug charges, you will most likely face disciplinary action, as well. Some healthcare professionals who are subject to disciplinary action include:


Since medical professionals typically have heavy patient loads and work very long hours, there are many situations in which allegations can be made. The most common cause of medical malpractice complaints are:

  • Failing To Maintain The Proper Standard Of Care
  • Drug Use Or Theft
  • Improper Use Of Equipment
  • Failure To Document
  • Billing Mistakes
  • Sexual Abuse Of Patients
  • Improper Diagnosis
  • Delayed Diagosis
  • Medication Errors

In order for a malpractice claim to be successful, it must be evident that you failed to maintain the appropriate standard of care. This is a very complex legal matter and is best handled by an experienced medical license defense lawyer.

How A Lawyer Can Protect Your License

An experienced medical malpractice lawyer is committed to helping you keep your medical license if possible. These matters are taken very seriously because disciplinary action can adversely affect your livelihood. Some types of discipline are matters of public record and available for anyone to see. A lawyer can help protect your license by:

  • Working With You To Prepare An Answer For The Board
  • Gathering And Reviewing Evidence In Your Case
  • Speaking With Investigators
  • Negotiating Alternatives With The Board
  • Attending Hearings
  • Appealing Disciplinary Decisions To The Board

Just because allegations of misconduct have been made does not mean they are true. Your lawyer will work to help you fight for your right to retain your medical license and the right to work in your chosen field.

If you are a healthcare professional in Austin and are facing possible disciplinary action by the Texas Board Of Medical Examiners or the Attorney General, contact a lawyer at once. Time is precious in these cases. Failure to provide a written answer to the Board within the specified time frame could result in the claim being escalated to investigation status more quickly. During a consultation, a lawyer will listen to your side of the case and review the facts involved. He will advise you on the best way to answer the charges and move forward.

Being accused of wrongdoing in a clinical setting is a healthcare workers worst nightmare. The legal process surrounding medical malpractice claims or criminal complaints is difficult to navigate. For this reason, it is always best to have a lawyer to help guide you through the process.

Austin medical license defense lawyers

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