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austin license defense lawyers

The healthcare practice is a highly regulated industry. These regulations have now become very stringent with involvement from both the federal and state government. Today, physicians and health caregivers face a myriad of potential litigation and disciplinary actions from both the private and public sector agencies. These agencies include federal entitlement programs such as Medicaid, DEA, Medicare and quality assurance organizations. The thorn in the flesh for physicians and healthcare providers is the State Licensing Board. This agency has the power to terminate or revoke a license. There are several disciplinary actions related to medical license.

Drug Diversion

Allegations related to drug diversion can result from stealing narcotics from the hospital, failure to dispose of waste properly and mistakes in the Pyxis system. If any of these allegations are filed against your practice, you need to consult with a medical licensing attorney. Drug diversion cases are treated seriously, and the board can suspend or revoke your medical license. These accusations can also attract criminal charges. Licensing infractions and federal indictments can be avoided with a good licensing lawyer. In most cases, the issues can be resolved before disciplinary action is taken.

Positive drug test

A positive drug test on any of the employees can attract disciplinary action from the licensing board. The action taken may include immediate suspension or revocation of the license. If you have had a positive drug test, it is important to talk to a lawyer before meeting the disciplinary hearing board. Many physicians make the mistake of enrolling in the state programs before seeking legal expertise. A lawyer will guide you on the correct course of action if you have been charged with abusing or taking drugs without a valid prescription.


Medical licenses can be suspended by the board for many reasons, among them, probation violations, fraud convictions, drug convictions, positive drug screens, non-compliance with impairment programs, among others. Charges challenging medical licenses require an immediate response. In most cases, the board will give a grace period of about 21 days. If the accused fails to act within this period, the board assumes that they have waived their right to a hearing. There is a lot of anxiety surrounding license cases, as such you need a good lawyer who will challenge the allegations against you.


The State Licensing Board does not take DUI cases lightly. There have been countless physicians who have lost their hard earned careers from DUI convictions. Once the board begins a DUI investigation, they can dig up your record and include all the DUI charges against you. The investigation process is often lengthy and expensive because your license can be suspended for the length of the investigation. Many physicians rush to enroll for impairment programs without discussing their options with a medical license defense attorney. If you have been recently charged with a DUI violation or have had a prior charge, you need legal expertise. The board will factor in any substance abuse convictions especially when trying to obtain a medical license.

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