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Austin Lawyers for pharmacies and dispensaries

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Austin Lawyers for pharmacies and dispensaries

New rules and regulations are added by the day to the already complex platform that governs the operations of pharmacies and dispensaries. Medicare and Medicaid programs are especially challenging. Although new laws and amendments to existing laws can seem contradictory and confusing, the last thing you want is to breach a standard of care that’s designed to protect patients. The problem is that it’s becoming increasingly difficult for pharmacies and dispensaries to keep up with the ever-shifting compliance paradigms.

Why Pharmacies And Dispensaries Need Ongoing Legal Counsel

It can be enormously helpful to retain the help of an experienced Austin, TX, pharmacy attorney who understands the dizzying maze of pharmacy law. The legal team at Raiser & Kenniff can keep you and your people up to speed about ongoing changes in healthcare protocol; we can also advise you about business-related matters such as mergers and acquisitions involving pharmacies. A healthcare attorney can represent your interests if charges have been brought against you or advise you on what to do next if you are dealing with violations related to privacy, abuse or fraud.

Preserve The Integrity Of Your Pharmacy And Avoid Catastrophic Outcomes

With experienced counsel in your corner, the likelihood of being faced with large fines and stiff penalties is greatly reduced. You are also protecting your business and the jobs of your employees by taking steps to prevent your company from filing for bankruptcy or from going out of business.

Protect Yourself And Your Pharmacy From The Damaging Effects Of Negative Publicity

Allegations and charges brought against you and your pharmacy/dispensary can generate enough bad publicity to destroy your reputation, ruin your good name and kill your business, even if those charges are later shown to be false. Even a small amount of bad press can set your pharmacy on the road to disaster.

Maintain Compliance With Local, State And Federal Laws

If your pharmacy is found to be non-compliant in any way, you could lose your license and incur fines of more than $1,000,000. However, an experienced and knowledgeable pharmacy lawyer can help you to maintain compliance and avert disaster. We can assist you with all aspects of compliance law including Medicare Part D, fraud and abuse laws, business agreements and the Stark Law. We’re also well-practiced in matters related to licensing regulations, employment agreements, HIPAA compliance, and compliance with corporate ownership structures.

Survive Audits Intact And Protect Yourself During Investigations

Being audited at some point is almost a fact of life for pharmacies and dispensaries. Nobody wants to be audited, but the process can be much easier when you know that your records and information are compliant and up-to-date. When you have the help you need to keep your information legal, you can sail through an audit and enjoy the experience instead of wondering if you will still be open for business after the auditing process is complete.

Failing an audit or being investigated in connection with Medicare or Medicaid fraud, third-party payor issues, licensing and educational standards, referral relationships and matters of medical necessity is more common than you think. Even the most careful pharmacy managers can miss important information and make serious mistakes that have devastating consequences for everyone involved.

Getting help from healthcare lawyers who specialize in matters related to pharmacies and dispensaries is your best bet if you want to maintain compliance and keep your pharmacy on solid ground. We can represent you in the event that you are questioned by federal, state or local authorities, even if no charges have yet been brought. With counsel present, your rights will be respected, and if any problems develop during questioning, you will have an experienced lawyer to advocate for you during the proceedings.

Keep Your Pharmacy Profitable And Compliant

The team at Raiser & Kenniff can assist you with any legal concerns related to your pharmacy or dispensary. Together, we can formulate a plan of action designed to protect you and your interests and to ensure that your pharmacy or dispensary is in full legal compliance. Call 888-533-5270 to schedule a 30-minute risk-free consultation with an experienced Austin pharmacy/dispensary attorney. Let us take care of compliance so you can run your business.

Austin Lawyers for pharmacies and dispensaries

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