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Austin healthcare compliance programs lawyers

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Austin healthcare compliance programs lawyers

Corporate compliance programs are essential given the current healthcare regulatory environment. Essentially, these programs will help you identify risks and avoid liability issues that arise when your healthcare facility fails to comply. More than ever, the federal government has an increased interest in prosecuting fraud and abuse cases.

Raiser & Kenniff, PC has an unparalleled depth of knowledge and experience with helping clients in every facet of healthcare compliance. Whether voluntary or mandated by the government, you need to have the right tools in place to combat potential perceptions of fraud and abuse.

We have experience with assisting almost every entity that operates in the healthcare industry. This makes us well-positioned to guide healthcare providers and healthcare-related entities from:

• Academic medical centers
• Ambulatory surgical centers
• Hospitals
• Pharmacies
• Rehab centers
• Skilled nursing facilities
• Hospices
• Medical suppliers such as medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies
• Billing companies
• Technology companies
• Group purchasing businesses

From this experience, we have a collective knowledge of best practices to develop, implement and improve healthcare compliance programs. We build on relevant compliance program guidance that is provided by the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Inspector General (OIG).

Services We Offer in Building a Solid Healthcare Compliance Program

While this list is not all-inclusive, it is a good representation of what you can expect from our compliance program services:

• Revise and enhance an existing compliance program. The most effective healthcare compliance program should evolve over time as changes in regulations and business practices occur. We make sure your program remains current.
• Prepare policies and procedures of specific compliance risks we find within your practice or healthcare-related entity. It is important that your program represents the unique needs of your business, including the resources and realities of the business.
• Design interactive training modules that cover core compliance program elements. It is important that the program becomes a living, breathing document in your organization so employees know what is expected for good business practices.
• Assistance with internal investigations and necessary remediation. This may include revising current procedures, applying internal disciplinary measures and returning overpayments.
• Give advice to our clients on disclosing information of actual or potential violations to the government voluntarily. We will assist clients in preparing, submitting and resolving this type of disclosure.
• Help clients with negotiating, implementing and maintaining features of a government-mandated compliance program. This may include requirements that are part of the OIG corporate integrity agreements, as well as deferred prosecution agreements from the Department of Justice.
• If you are involved in a merger and acquisition, we will conduct due diligence assessments of potential targets’ compliance programs.
• Advise boards of directors on the responsibilities and obligations they need to uphold for healthcare compliance oversight.

Frequently Asked Questions about Healthcare Compliance Programs

Who should be responsible for performing an internal compliance audit? Our recommendation is for all internal audits, you seek the direction of attorneys. This gives us the legal right to assert attorney/client privilege, and work product privilege. Initial drafts can be given to us for review before sharing them outside the organization.

We understand that an employee with coding and billing expertise could successfully perform the audit, an outside auditor brings a fresh look. He or she may reveal things that would otherwise be missed.

Why is it important to have an internal reporting system? As part of implementing a compliance program, we advise client to set up a method for internal reporting. Whether it is a drop box or hotline, there should be an anonymous method to report concerns without fear of being reprimanded.

You should emphasize that the reporting mechanism exists during employee training. Additionally, have employees sign a statement agreeing to report all matters regarding compliance. Doing this gives your facility some protection since employees are required – and expected – to inform the compliance officer and not an outside entity of such matters.

You Need Austin healthcare Compliance Programs Lawyers to Protect Your Interests

The ever-increasing enforcement of regulations within the healthcare industry requires having a healthcare compliance program. This will become an essential tool that protects your practice from penalties and costly fines. To make sure your compliance program aligns with the law, you should contact Raiser & Kenniff, PC for guidance on the setup and implementation of a solid program.

Austin healthcare compliance programs lawyers

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