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Austin buying selling healthcare practices lawyers

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Austin buying selling healthcare practices lawyers

The lawyers at Raiser & Kenniff PC, are extremely knowledgable about the health care industry. We represent individuals and businesses alike, when it comes to licensing and regulatory issues. We understand the current climate can be harmful to business goals. Our unique perspective allows us to provide high quality representation to organizations that are looking purchase/sell a business – in the least stressful manner possible.

Our healthcare attorneys can help companies expand – through the purchase of another organization. We can handle the due diligence, draft agreements, develop management agreements, and even help identify potential takeover candidates. We can also handle the CHOW’s required by the Texas DADS and the 855 Applications required by the CMS after the purchase or sale of a healthcare business. In addition, our law firm can handle all the licensing issues, like medicare certification and state licensing which may arise after a change in ownership occurs.

Regardless of whether you’re coming to us because you’re selling, or buying, a healthcare organization – we can help handle all aspects of the case. We regularly represent clients such as: home health agencies, assisted living homes, nursing homes, DME’s, physician groups, and many other businesses.

We encourage you to get a risk free consultation with one of our attorneys today. Our Austin attorneys can help you buy, or sell, a healthcare practice in a transparent and easy manner.

Austin buying selling healthcare practices lawyers

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