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Austin Criminal Lawyers

In today’s world, being charged with a crime is anything but a picnic for the accused. With more media coverage available than ever before, it will not be long before you feel as if the whole world knows your situation. This stress, coupled with the police doing all they can to intimidate you into confessing and prosecutors breathing down your neck with threats of decades in prison, can result in you making critical errors in your decision-making. Should this occur, your ability to fight the charges against you will be greatly diminished. To know you are doing the right thing following your arrest, hire the services of an experienced criminal lawyer.

Objective and Reasonable Advice
When you are being threatened with prison, fines, and the ruining of your reputation, it may seem best to you to talk to police and tell they whatever they want to hear. However, this is actually the worst thing you can do under these circumstances. To begin with, you are probably talking to police without having an attorney present, meaning you won’t know which questions should be answered, how you should respond, or whether police are actually telling you the truth about evidence they supposedly have against you to prove their case. However, this can all change if you hire a criminal lawyer quickly upon being arrested. By taking advantage of your Miranda rights, you can get your case resolved in a more favorable manner.

Interviewing Witnesses
Once you have a criminal lawyer on your side who is determined to fight hard for you each step of the way, they can begin interviewing witnesses who may have talked to police. In doing so, your lawyer can ask detailed questions about what they saw, what they know, and whether or not police intimidated them into saying certain things that led to your arrest. By approaching your case in this manner, your attorney can often find out some witnesses lied to police, were mistaken about what they thought they saw or heard, and may in fact have been threatened with arrest themselves if they did not cooperate with police. Using this information, your criminal lawyer can then formulate a legal strategy that may involve petitioning the court for an immediate dismissal of your charges.

Bringing in the Experts
Depending on the complexities involved in your case, it is possible your criminal lawyer will want to bring in various experts who can dispute the evidence police allegedly have against you. This is often done when police are relying almost exclusively on forensic data for a possible conviction, since this type of evidence is always subject to tremendous scrutiny. Although today’s investigative technology is incredible, mistakes are nevertheless made on a regular basis in the handling, preservation, and testing of evidence. When your lawyer suspects this is what occurred, they can call in their own scientists and other experts to refute testimony made against you in court. By doing so, this can have a significant impact on a jury and possibly turn the tide in your favor.

Giving Your Case Individual Attention
Needless to say, you want to work with an attorney who can give your case individualized attention. Should you decide to work with a public defender or perhaps with a law firm that is extremely large, you may find problems begin almost immediately. For example, public defenders work with multiple individuals at once, meaning they will only have a few minutes here and there to speak with you about your case. Should you hire an exceptionally large law firm based on the assumption that bigger is always better, you may discover your case has been handed off to junior attorneys or even paralegals, which could mean your case is not handled as well as possible. Instead, work with a criminal lawyer who possesses an excellent reputation, has a track record of success in criminal cases, and is committed to your case from the very beginning.

Hope to You and Your Family
When you are placed inside a jail cell, it is almost certain that you will lose hope for your future. This also applies to your family, who may be kept in the dark by police and prosecutors about how your case may play out in court. However, by hiring a criminal lawyer as soon as possible, your family can always be made aware of where your case stands, what options may be available to you and them, and be given suggestions on what to say and do should police, prosecutors, or media personnel come calling.

Knowing the System
While you won’t have any idea what is happening around you, your attorney will instead have an in-depth knowledge of how the criminal justice system works in such matters. Because of this, they can file various motions with the court as quickly as possible, discuss the pros and cons of opting for various defenses, and negotiate with prosecutors to arrive at a plea bargain. Should this happen, you could go from facing serious felony charges that involve a prison term to only misdemeanor charges that penalize you with fines or probation.

While being arrested may not seem fair to you at the moment, the fact is you do still have a wide array of constitutional rights that must be protected from the moment of your arrest until your case concludes. But to make sure you get the best legal counsel along the way, don’t assume just any lawyer can accomplish this task. Rather than hand over your case to an attorney who has never dealt with a tough prosecutor, choose instead to place your trust in a criminal lawyer who knows how to get results and win cases.

Austin Criminal Lawyers

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