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Atlanta Federal Criminal Lawyers

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Atlanta Federal Criminal Lawyers

If you are charged with a federal crime in Atlanta, the clock is ticking. Very few cases make it to trial these days. In the same manner that a civil case can be settled before trial, criminal cases are now being resolved in 97 percent of federal cases with a plea bargain. Because a trial is no longer the main event, the need for the highest quality of representation during the early phases of the federal criminal process is of paramount importance.

How Can a Federal Defense Attorney Help Me Win?

In the criminal justice system, it is not always about winning or losing. There is a gray area where defendants may have been overcharged or may be guilty to a limited degree. It can be hard to prove all the surrounding circumstances and situations that led up to something. In these cases, negotiating the best plea bargain falls chiefly on the shoulders of competent counsel.

A skilled Atlanta defense attorney is able to whittle down the strength of the criminal case against you by defending against common federal prosecutor tactics. The federal prosecutor’s office works on such a high volume of cases that they are often without resources to build an honest prosecution. In these cases, they will substitute legitimate evidence and police work with tricks.

They may use inflammatory evidence to rile up jurors, make-weight hearsay evidence to pad up a weak case, or may even negate elements of a crime to make you look guilty by overlooking critical flaws in the theory. Only a skilled federal defense attorney can file the proper pre-trial motions and request the specific evidence from the prosecutor to weaken them. If the case is weak enough, it can even be dismissed for lack of evidence or probable cause.

A skilled defense attorney can even find technical errors that make a case invalid. If a search warrant listed the wrong time or date, this can be grounds to have any of this evidence suppressed. Knowing what nuances of the law are sticking in the courts to create defenses for you is the chief benefit of a skilled attorney.

There are plenty of attorneys who go through the motions and are only good at filling out forms. A talented federal criminal defense attorney has the creative skills, education, experience, and confidence to mitigate or eliminate any charges.

How Does the Federal Justice System Work?

The Feds are chiefly interested in large cases that justify the expenditures of their time. Whether your case is one of an entire class of cases that they picked off or involved a large scale of something, the federal authorities are always trying to make big news.

The FBI, DEA, ATF, CIA, IRS, and ICE, all work together to make large drug seizures, investigate illegal funds, crack down on fraud, and to create commercials out of large busts to sell their services to the public. They use this propaganda and arrest statistics to seek more funding for their work, which ultimately leads to promotions, raises, extra benefits, etc.

Like any corporate slave, they want their work to be as easy as possible. Therefore, they go after the lowest-hanging fruit or harder cases if there is a big bounty. They have many nefarious tools to investigate people as exposed by Wikileaks. They can secretly tap your phone, computers, and other devices to record everything you do.

They can even enter your property based on mere suspicion and search the premises using a sneak-and-peak warrant. These post-9/11 tactics completely subvert the protections of the 4th Amendment right against unlawful search and seizure.

The Feds infiltrate motorcycle gangs, analyze the revenue of large companies, mass incarcerate immigrants, and carry out elaborate drug sting operations. One thing that the Feds are known for is going over the top to create Hollywoodesque setups to bust the bad guys. If you are being charged in such a setup, you may see financial motives behind it and overzealous tactics already coming to light.

Only an extremely wise and skilled federal criminal defense attorney can save you from the lifelong socio-economic consequences of a federal conviction. If you are being prosecuted in the Atlanta area, you need to find an attorney who spots all the errors and is instantly able to come up with multiple strategies to weaken or defeat the case.

Atlanta Federal Criminal Lawyers

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