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Arizona Possession of Methamphetamine Lawyers


Methamphetamine is a huge problem in Arizona.

Lots of folks get busted for having meth on them — and it’s a felony charge. That means jail time. So if you got arrested for meth possession, you need a good lawyer, stat.

Arizona’s Meth Possession Laws

Under Arizona Revised Statutes §13-3407, it’s illegal to possess or use meth in Arizona. How much you had on you determines whether it’s a felony or misdemeanor:

  • Less than 1 gram — Misdemeanor, up to 1 year in jail
  • 1+ grams — Felony, minimum 1 year in prison

See, those amounts are super small. Like a few crystals or crumbs could be over 1 gram. So you probably got slapped with a felony charge.

Not only that, but Arizona has tough “drug paraphernalia” laws too. If you had any kind of pipe, scale, baggies, etc. that’s another charge.

Why You Need an Arizona Meth Possession Lawyer

A meth conviction means serious consequences:

  • Years in prison
  • Thousands in fines
  • Permanent criminal record

Your life could be ruined forever — unless you fight the charges. An aggressive criminal defense lawyer can often get meth charges reduced or dismissed.

Here’s some of the ways a good lawyer can beat a meth possession case:

Illegal Search & Seizure

Most meth busts happen during a search. But searches have to be legal. If the cops searched you, your car, or home illegally, that’s grounds to get the evidence thrown out. An experienced lawyer will scrutinize the search and look for any violations of your rights.

Invalid Field Drug Tests

When you get busted, cops often use cheap field tests to say the substance is meth. But these tests are wrong all the time — they can’t tell the difference between meth and legal stuff like Adderall. A lawyer can demand more accurate lab testing to show the cops are wrong.

Possession vs. Use

There’s a difference between possession and use under Arizona law. With good legal arguments, a lawyer may get charges lowered from felony possession to misdemeanor use.

Medical Necessity

If you have ADD/ADHD, severe obesity, or narcolepsy, a doctor may prescribe meth-like drugs for treatment. A lawyer can argue you had a valid medical reason for the drugs.

Arizona’s Drug Rehab Program

First-time offenders may qualify for the drug possession diversion program under ARS §13-3422. It’s like rehab and probation — complete it and the meth charges are dismissed.

Insufficient Evidence

Lazy cops often do sloppy investigations and report writing. A lawyer will scour the police reports for any holes in the evidence and use those to create reasonable doubt.

See, there’s lots of ways to challenge a meth charge. Don’t just plead guilty — fight it with a good lawyer.

How Much Do Arizona Meth Lawyers Cost?

The average cost of a criminal defense lawyer in Arizona is around $5,000 – $10,000+ for a felony meth case.

I know, lawyers are expensive. But a meth conviction will destroy your finances way more — legal fees are an investment in your future.

Many lawyers offer free consultations, so call around, compare options, and ask about payment plans. For lower income folks, there are also public defenders available.

Better call Saul! Finding the right meth lawyer can make all the difference between prison and freedom. Don’t wait — get a free case evaluation today. Your future’s too important to risk.

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