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When you’re facing a federal issue, you need an attorney whose going to be available 24/7 to help you get the results and outcome you need. The value of working with the Spodek Law Group is that we treat each and every client like a member of our family.

Arizona Federal Crimes Defense Lawyers

Defending Against Federal Charges in Arizona

How Federal Cases Differ from State

Federal criminal law covers crimes that violate U.S. statutes, while state law applies to crimes that violate Arizona statutes. Here are some key differences:

  • Harsher penalties – Federal sentences tend to be much longer than state sentences for similar crimes. Mandatory minimums are common.
  • More resources – Federal prosecutors have basically unlimited resources for investigations and prosecutions. The feds have the FBI, DEA, ICE, IRS, and other agencies at their disposal.
  • Grand juries – Federal cases almost always start with a grand jury indictment. Grand juries hear only the prosecution’s side, making indictments common.
  • Discovery rules – Federal discovery rules generally favor the prosecution more than defense. The defense has more limited access to the prosecution’s evidence pre-trial.
  • Sentencing guidelines – Federal judges use strict sentencing guidelines that usually call for tough prison terms. Judges have less discretion than in state cases.
  • Prison system – Inmates convicted of federal crimes typically serve time in federal prisons, which can be located anywhere in the U.S.

So in a nutshell, the federal criminal justice system is centered around imposing harsh punishments for those convicted. The conviction rate is very high compared to state courts.

How an Experienced Federal Crimes Lawyer Defends You

Facing federal charges is daunting, but an experienced federal crimes defense attorney levels the playing field. Here are some of the ways we defend clients against federal allegations:

  • Carefully evaluating the charges – We thoroughly analyze the charges and evidence to identify any factual or legal weaknesses in the government’s case. Many cases can be won through motions to dismiss.
  • Conducting an independent investigation – We do our own investigation by interviewing witnesses, collecting documents, visiting crime scenes, consulting with experts, etc. This helps rebut the prosecution’s evidence.
  • Negotiating with prosecutors – We engage the prosecution in negotiations to get charges reduced or dismissed through plea bargains. Most federal cases end in a negotiated plea deal.
  • Filing suppression motions – When there are constitutional violations like illegal searches or coerced confessions, we file motions to suppress evidence from being used at trial.
  • Seeking bail and pretrial release – We advocate for the least restrictive bail terms possible and fight to keep clients released pretrial. Preserving freedom is paramount.
  • Advising clients on cooperation – For clients facing massive sentences, we advise on the pros/cons of cooperating with the government in exchange for a lesser sentence.
  • Raising technical legal defenses – When the facts are not favorable, we scour the complex federal statutes to find technical legal loopholes to get charges dismissed.
  • Presenting powerful defenses at trial – When we take a case to trial, we leverage our litigation skills to raise reasonable doubt regarding guilt. We humanize clients.
  • Arguing for leniency at sentencing – If convicted, we build a compelling case for the lowest possible sentence under federal guidelines. We highlight mitigating factors.

So in summary, an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer like us uses a variety of legal strategies to fight the charges and minimize potential penalties. We’ve handled hundreds of complex federal cases over decades of practice.

Why Choose a Federal Crimes Specialist in Arizona

Not all defense attorneys have expertise in the federal system. Here’s why it’s critical to choose an attorney who specializes in federal criminal defense in Arizona:

  • We know federal judges – Having appeared before each judge many times, we understand their tendencies and use that insight to clients’ advantage.
  • We’ve handled these cases before – There are no surprises. We’ve already seen the strategies used by federal prosecutors and know how to counter them.
  • We’ve built relationships – Through regular interactions, we’ve developed rapport with prosecutors, agents, and probation officers that facilitates better outcomes.
  • We stay on top of changes – Federal law and policies are always evolving. We diligently keep up to date on all changes that affect clients.
  • We understand the process – Navigating federal court procedures, sentencing guidelines, and prison systems is extremely complex. We guide clients through each stage seamlessly.
  • We assemble elite teams – For complex cases, we collaborate with top federal defense lawyers across the country who bring specialized expertise.
  • We deliver results – Our proven track record of achieving successful case results for clients speaks for itself. Past performance predicts future results.

So if you or a loved one is under federal investigation or facing federal charges in Arizona, don’t take chances with your defense. Our elite team of dedicated federal crimes attorneys have the skills and experience to protect your rights. We have an exceptional record of reducing charges and penalties. Contact our office for a free case evaluation and learn how we can put our expertise to work defending you.

  1. Drug Trafficking Remains the Most Prevalent Crime [U.S. Sentencing Commission]
  2. Immigration Offenses Make Up The Largest Share of All Federal Arrests [Pew Research Center]
  3. Terrorism-Related Cases Represent Small Portion of Total Federal Prosecutions [U.S. Department of Justice]
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