16 May 23

An SBA Offer in Compromise is a One-Time Opportunity to Settle Your SBA Loan

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Seize the Unique Opportunity to Settle Your SBA Loan Debt with Offer in Compromise

The crushing weight of debt is an unforgiving burden that many businesses, both well-established and newly launched, often struggle to cope with. When an SBA loan default occurs, the dire situation becomes increasingly bleak as government intervention looms, potentially resulting in the forfeiture of a business owner’s hard-earned personal assets, such as their family home.

A Critical Eye on SBA’s Weak Oversight

Recently, the Inspector General of the SBA (OIG) blasted the agency’s lackluster oversight of lenders, vehemently demanding that tighter controls be put in place. It’s worth noting that a shocking 44% of assessed loans were found to have glaringly inadequate documentation during the lender audits conducted by the OIG. This has led to an aggressive pursuit of lenders, brokers, and other players, resulting in numerous indictments, convictions, and hefty fines being handed out.

Thorough Fraud Detection Through Comprehensive Audits

At Protect Law Group, our team of skilled and diligent lawyers will carry out an exhaustive analysis of your SBA loan to determine whether any incidences of lender fraud, regulatory deficiencies, or breaches of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) have occurred. If our meticulous audit unearths regulatory errors, we leap into action by submitting a petition to the federal agency holding your debt, usually the Small Business Administration (SBA). Our petition will painstakingly lay out all the findings from our audit and demand that all collection actions cease immediately.

Our unwavering focus is on proving that your SBA loan is not “legally enforceable,” putting the onus on the government to recover any losses from deceitful banks or lenders, rather than from you. To achieve the best possible outcome, it’s crucial to act as swiftly as possible due to the limitations imposed by Federal Statutes.

Don’t Squander Your One-Time Opportunity to Settle Your SBA Loan

Time is of the essence when you receive an SBA demand letter for past-due loan payments! This is your golden opportunity to settle your SBA loan for less than the full amount owed. But don’t delay: you have only 60 days from the letter’s date to submit your offer in compromise. Otherwise, your case will be unceremoniously shoved into Treasury collections without further warning.

Avoid the Unending Nightmare of the Tax Offset Program

To recoup losses from defaulted loans, the Treasury wields the merciless Tax Offset Program like a weapon. This program brutally seizes tax refunds and garnishes 15% of any federal benefits, such as social security, as well as confiscating 15% of your net wages. You don’t want to face this unrelenting financial nightmare.

Why Trust Protect Law Group to Tackle Your Treasury or SBA Debt Problems?

Our legal experts at Protect Law Group boast immense experience, adept skills, and indispensable knowledge in resolving SBA debt challenges through Offer in Compromise and Negotiated Repayment Agreements. Our attorneys have nationwide authorization to represent federal debtors before key agencies such as The Small Business Administration (SBA), The SBA Office of Hearings and Appeals, The Treasury Department, and The Bureau of Fiscal Service.

We’ve achieved phenomenal success in settling millions of dollars in SBA debts without resorting to filing bankruptcy or subjecting our clients to home foreclosure. Furthermore, we’ve triumphantly defended against millions of dollars in Treasury debts using tactics such as AWG hearings, Treasury Offset Program resolution, private collection agency representation, cross-servicing disputes compromise offers, and negotiated repayment agreements.

Contact Our Top-Rated Law Firm for a Free Evaluation of Your Case

If you’re a personal guarantor saddled with an outstanding balance on an SBA or treasury debt that has fallen due, don’t bury your head in the sand! Your home could be at stake. Take swift action by contacting Protect Law Group today for a free, no-obligation case evaluation. It’s time to regain control of your financial future!

An SBA Offer in Compromise is a One-Time Opportunity to Settle Your SBA Loan

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