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NYC / New York Restaurant Liquor License Violations Lawyers

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The Ultimate Guide to Avoiding Crucial Violations for Businesses with Liquor Licenses in New York State

Obtaining a liquor license is an arduous process that businesses need to undertake to gain the privilege of serving alcohol. Such licenses can be easily suspended or revoked due to multiple violations, which are stringently regulated by state and local governments. The actions of businesses with liquor licenses can make a significant impact on public safety, including saving lives on the road and preventing hospitalizations. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the most crucial violations that businesses with liquor licenses need to be cautious about and how to avoid them effectively.

Violation 1: The Grave Consequences of Allowing Minors to Consume Alcohol

Permitting minors to drink is among the most significant violations and can lead to severe consequences, such as license suspensions, revocations, and even criminal charges against the business. It is not uncommon for minors to use fake identification cards, purchased from counterfeiters who prey on overworked bouncers or doormen lacking proper training. However, alcohol consumption is illegal for minors, as they are more severely impacted than adults due to their weaker livers and poorer judgment. An intoxicated minor is more likely to get into traffic accidents than other demographic groups, making them inherently dangerous drivers after consuming alcohol.

The Escalating Severity of Allowing Minors To Drink

The consequences of permitting minors to drink become even more severe when a minor causes a serious car accident or becomes hospitalized due to alcohol poisoning after drinking at your establishment. Therefore, it is imperative for bars and other venues to ensure that no minors consume alcohol on their premises.

Violation 2: The Dangers of Providing Alcohol to an Intoxicated Person

Providing alcohol past the point of intoxication can cause a wide range of problems for both the intoxicated individual and society as a whole. A severely intoxicated person can suffer various health issues, such as falling down or succumbing to alcohol poisoning, while driving under the influence poses risks not only for themselves but also others on the road.

The Obligation of Bars and Restaurants to Protect Their Patrons

Bars, restaurants, and other establishments serving alcoholic beverages must ensure adequate training for their employees in recognizing when a person is too intoxicated. It is the responsibility of these employees to refuse to sell alcohol to someone who has reached their limit, thereby protecting both the individual and others around them.

Infrequent Violations with Severe Consequences

There are also less frequent violations that can lead to serious repercussions with the state board, such as poorly maintained establishments and minors serving alcohol. Improper maintenance can result in safety and health hazards that do not meet the standards set by the state for liquor-serving establishments. Employing minors to serve alcohol violates laws against public containers and possession of alcohol by minors, making it easier for them to illegally drink while on duty.

The Importance of Proper Maintenance and Careful Employee Selection

Bars and other establishments serving alcoholic beverages must ensure proper maintenance of their facilities and conduct thorough vetting of employees. This diligence protects both their patrons and their businesses from adverse legal and regulatory action.

Seeking Legal Assistance for Liquor License Violations

All these violations can have serious consequences, requiring thoughtful and skilled legal representation. A single mistake could result in the severe suspension or revocation of your liquor license, jeopardizing your business’s success. As such, businesses should seek professional legal assistance from experienced attorneys who can craft vigorous defenses that protect their interests in court proceedings.

Contact Long Island / NYC Restaurant Liquor License Violations Lawyers Today!

The future of your business is inextricably tied to how well you defend yourself against liquor license violation charges. Don’t jeopardize your livelihood by neglecting to seek expert legal representation. Contact the dedicated team of Long Island/NYC Restaurant Liquor License Violations Lawyers today!

NYC / New York Restaurant Liquor License Violations Lawyers

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