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Have you recently found yourself involved in the middle of a federal investigation? If you have, you should understand just how serious it can be. Even if you maintain your innocence, you will need to take measures to protect yourself.

In various areas, many federal agencies have been putting more efforts into their enforcement. From antitrust violations to healthcare fraud, the feds are bringing many innocent organizations and individuals into the mix of federal grand jury criminal investigations.

Those who are subjected to these investigations often sustain detrimental effects, even when the result is not a prosecution. When being investigated, hiring the appropriate defense should be your top priority. There has been an increase in the number of people being investigated for federal crimes who had no idea they were doing anything wrong.

The reality is that many people get charged with a federal crime they had no idea they committed. This is why hiring an experienced federal criminal attorney is crucial in your investigation. They can help to minimize the change of a life-changing federal indictment.

Why You Need To Hire A Federal Criminal Attorney

As soon as a federal investigation gets underway with your involvement, your livelihood and freedom are at stake. By the time you are made aware of the case, the investigators are already set on your guilt. When you are contacted by the investigative team, they are only doing so to get your information and incriminating statements ahead of you hiring an attorney.

Benefits Of Hiring A Criminal Defense Attorney

As soon as you are made aware of your involvement in a federal criminal case, you should speak with a lawyer. They can help protect you in numerous ways including:

•Avoiding Any Unnecessary Disclosures

During the federal investigation, the agents will try and obtain statements from you in order to work towards a conviction against you for the crime. They are not trying to hear your side of the story in these statements. You should have a lawyer by your side to give you guidance about what you are legally required to say. This is especially important when you have not developed your own strategy in response to the federal inquiry with your attorney yet.

•Avoid Criminal Charges

If you have a good reason to prove your innocence in the investigation, the time to say so is not when federal agents show up to your door. They are not the ones who can help and they are not there to hear why you are not the guilty party. Their only job is to arrest you and build a solid case against you that will lead them to a conviction.

Instead, you should save all you have to say for when you hire a federal criminal defense attorney. They will relay your side of the story to the federal prosecutor and develop a strategy on presenting your side of the story for the investigation. Do not think that declining to speak with agents before hiring a lawyer is going to make you look guilty. In all likelihood, they already believe you are guilty of the crime.

•Develop A Solid Defense Strategy

By the time you find out you are involved in a federal investigation by a grand jury, the government already has a substantial amount of evidence and work into the case. This puts you at a big disadvantage from the moment you find out you are involved. If you wait to hire an attorney once being charged, you will be allowing the defense to build a solid case against you without the help of negotiation on your part. The earlier you bring on an experienced federal criminal attorney, the more time they will have to start building your defense, negotiating with the prosecution and gathering the evidence necessary to prove your innocence.

•Mitigate Criminal Penalties

If you are unable to avoid getting charged with a criminal offense, your lawyer will be crucial in mitigating the penalties brought against you. The punishment for many federal offenses is often harsh. It can involve a lot of fines, mandatory forfeiture of your assets, long-term prison time and more. The first line of defense is proving your innocence. However, if the prosecution wins, your defense will need to begin focusing on ways to limit your sentence.

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