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The Spodek Law Group is a nationwide law practice that handles virtually every type of federal case. We have a nationwide presence, and experience handling all types of federal cases, ranging from appeals, to employment law, criminal defense, and more. We’re not your average law firm – we are a second generation law firm, that is now led by attorney Todd Spodek – a reputable, and celebrity criminal defense lawyer. Our focus is helping our clients move forward with their lives and get the legal solution they need.

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San Diego Federal Criminal Lawyers - Federal Lawyers

When you are charged with a federal crime, time is of the essence. Many critical pieces of evidence may exist for a limited time that could solidify your defense. Video footage, eyewitnesses, forensic clues. All this evidence can be spoiled if you don’t hire a competent attorney with access to leading investigators and experts.

For the same reasons that police can prove a murder using DNA evidence and forensic data, you can prove your innocence with the right resources. The quality of your representation is a huge determining factor in the outcome and can mean the difference between a slap on the wrists or life in prison when it comes to federal crimes.

The federal criminal justice system is chiefly concerned with fraud, bank robberies, kidnappings, large scale drug trafficking, racketeering, immigration, extortion, white-collar crimes, tax evasion, murder, rape, guns, and anything that involves multi-state jurisdictions or federal territories.

Although federal officials are generally focused on building serious cases and doing phenomenal work to break up drug rings and stop hardened criminals, they can also pick on ordinary working-class people for petty nonsense if a prosecutor is feeling overzealous and wants to fill prison bed quotas.

The Federal Criminal Process Post-9/11

The Federal officials have started a trend post-9/11 of subverting 4th Amendment rights protected by the Constitution for the United States. Although sneak-and-peak warrants were originally enacted into law for the purposes of combatting homeland terrorism, they are now used predominately in drug trafficking cases and very rarely in anything related to terrorism.

These objectionable warrants allow officials to search your possessions on mere suspicion alone without obtaining probable cause. Although they are supposed to notify you afterward that you were searched, if no one is monitoring them, they may fail to do so.

The FBI also use a lot of undercover operations with confidential informants (CIs). These CIs may be promised leniency in their own cases and other perks for testifying against you. Yet, their tactics may also be coercive and may not be sufficient evidence of themselves to establish a pattern of widescale distribution. Police tend to target businesses if the owners have a questionable history and can try to fabricate evidence of racketeering with a single sale of drugs for personal use to a friend in need.

In any regards, Federal officials are looking for the lowest hanging fruit to rack up their statistics: immigrants, mentally ill people, paraphiles who trade pornography, anyone with a large volume of guns, alcohol, money, or drugs (illegal or not). Once these statistics are compiled, they can secure more funding to bloat their bureaucracies, obtain promotions, and validate unlawful methods of mass-producing arrests.

What Can a San Diego Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Do to Help?

If you don’t hire the best criminal defense attorney that you can find in San Diego, you will be fighting a brick wall. The courts may ignore any evidence of your innocence and break every rule in the book to convict you. They may not care what the whole truth is and will spin the facts in whatever manner vilifies you the most. They may use hearsay witnesses, unreliable evidence, inflammatory evidence, in-house forensic labs, and may even fabricate an entire drama to frame you even if they know you are innocent.

For many of these officials, the ends justify the means. If there are any question marks about your innocence, they will assume that you are guilty, and that they are preventing a future crime. By hiring a skilled San Diego defense attorney, you will be respected in the court. They won’t even think of pulling a fast one to add you to their rolls.

When you show that you take the allegations seriously and acknowledge that your behavior was errant or at least misleading in the eyes of officials to cause concern, the serious consequences can be avoided even if you are guilty. Since 97 percent of cases end in plea bargains, you need a skilled San Diego Federal defense attorney who can weaken the prosecution’s case with pre-trial motions that force their hand. An attorney who can preserve errors for appeal and is gifted with words can do wonders to help you avoid or reduce jail time for any crime.

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