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What Do I Do First if Federal Agents Come to My Home With a Search Warrant?

March 21, 2024 Uncategorized

One of the ways in which you might find out that you are under investigation is when federal agents show up at your home, or potentially workplace, with a search warrant. If agents have a search warrant in hand, then they are legally permitted to search the premises described in the warrant. If agents arrive without a warrant, however, you are not at all required to let them in, and you shouldn’t allow them to search anything before you contact your attorney.

Coming face to face with federal agents who already have a warrant can be daunting, but it is important to remain calm, and contact an attorney as soon as you can. You need a licensed federal defense lawyer on your side immediately  if you are searched, as you need to know what to say and do both throughout the course of the investigation and for what comes after if you want to protect your freedom. A skilled lawyer will help you utilize your rights to your advantage, and he or she will know what it takes to protect against the investigative strategies used by agents.

First Steps You Should to Take if Federal Agents Come to Your Home With A Warrant

In the event that you are facing a federal investigation, there are really only two steps you should remember. 

First, contact a lawyer as soon as you can. You have the right to an attorney and need to exercise that right so that everything you say and do afterwards is a function of your defense strategy, aimed at protecting your best interests.

Second, you need to exercise your right to remain silent. Don’t speak a word to federal agents unless you are asking to exercise your right to an attorney. Before you have a lawyer present, the only word coming out of your mouth should be “lawyer.” Don’t risk providing agents with any information they could use against you, even if you are confident that you don’t have anything to hide. An attorney can make certain that you are protected from false allegations and the possibility of wrongful conviction.

If you work with a lawyer and remain silent, cool, and collected throughout the investigation, you will start yourself off well to have the best opportunity for success in your case.  Indeed, you may even be able to avoid charges altogether. 

Federal Agencies Involved in Criminal Investigations

There are multiple agencies that could come to your door with a warrant to search your property. In drug offense cases, the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) will probably be involved. In numerous other types of cases, the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) takes care of the initial stages of a case. U.S. Customs and Border Protection might also be involved, or an agency like the TTB (the Tobacco, Tax and Trade Bureau).

Defending Clients Who Are Facing Federal Search Warrants

When a client is slapped with a search warrant, it means that the case is likely already beginning to be established against that person.  At that stage, it is crucial to act fast to clap back. An experienced lawyer will put in the time and hard work required to make sure you are protected throughout an investigation, and will know what it takes to win even in complex federal matters. 

What Do I Do First If My Loved One Is Arrested by Federal Agents

In the event that someone you love has been arrested by federal agents, you may feel scared or even helpless. It’s important to gear in mind that this traumatic experience is only the beginning of the journey of your fight for justice. Contacting a licensed federal attorney is the first step you should take to begin building a winning defense strategy.  That act alone will put you one step closer to protecting the future of the one you love. 

What Will Happen After Someone You Love is Arrested

Once federal agents have detained your loved one, he or she will then appear before a judge for an initial hearing. At this hearing, they will find out what charges they’re facing and some of the specific rights they have. Your loved one may be confined to jail until trial, or they might be released under certain conditions, depending on the specific details of the matter. A good attorney can fight for the release of your loved one, giving you time to comfort them during this hectic time. 

What to Do After My Loved One is Arrested

The first thing you must do after your loved one has been arrested is to secure the services of a quality defense attorney right away after the arrest. Getting a lawyer that shows concern about your loved one’s future and who is equipped to defend them in their federal criminal case is critical.  This may mean the difference between freedom and a guilty verdict. 

Next, make every effort to find out the time and location of their initial hearing so you can be present to support them. If the federal agents offered you any information, you might have enough details to be able to research the name of the court online and find out everything you need to know. You may also want to call the courthouse to see if they have any details on the time and date of your loved one’s hearing.

Once you have secured a good, licensed federal defense attorney, and you have determined where the hearing is, you should go to the hearing early and check in with the office beforehand. They may have questions regarding your loved one that could affect the case. After the hearing is over, if all goes well, you’ll get to leave the courtroom together. If not, find out where your loved one is being detained and inquire about the visiting schedule. Your lawyer will help you work through the process and begin preparing a winning defense strategy for trial.

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