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SNAP Permanent Disqualification

March 21, 2024 Uncategorized


Todd Spodek Law Group: Your Ultimate Legal Partner for SNAP/EBT Appeals

Have you been suspended or permanently disqualified from accepting SNAP/EBT payments at your grocery store? If so, it’s time to act fast. You only have a few days to file an EBT appeal once you receive a letter from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) stating that your application has been denied or your business has been suspended or disqualified from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). At Todd Spodek Law Group, we have specialist lawyers who are experts in arguing for grocery store proprietors who need a denial reconsidered or a reversal of an EBT suspension or disqualification.

Snap/EBT Appeal Cases

Not every suspension, disqualification, or application denial is eligible for an appeal. However, there are several circumstances under which an appeal is merited and can be heard by the USDA Administrative Review Branch. These include:

An Application You Filed for an EBT License is Denied

If you applied for a SNAP/EBT retailer license and the USDA denied your application, filing for an appeal of that decision is usually in your best interest. The USDA denies license applications due to various reasons but sometimes incorrectly denies them because of past suspensions of relatives, inappropriate categorization of grocery stores, lack of business integrity and reputation perception. In such cases, consider appealing through Todd Spodek Law Group.

You Are Issued A Suspension Of Six Months Or Longer

If your grocery store has received six months’ suspension or longer after violating SNAP regulations leading to revenue reduction that most licensed businesses suffer during EBT suspension; this could ruin their businesses entirely. An extended suspension could bring about closure hence little choice but to appeal against verdicts with us today.

You Get A Permanent Disqualification

The worst penalty grocers face is permanent disqualification – unfortunately over-utilized by Food and Nutrition Service resorting to the majority of SNAP Violation letters they dispatch. Permanent disqualification means that you, as the SNAP Applicant, will be barred from owning or operating a business in any state where an EBT machine is in use. There is no way to reverse permanent disqualification unless you quickly file an appeal against the decision with Todd Spodek Law Group when receiving allegations containing acts of SNAP trafficking by staff members or your business.

Levying Of Civil Money Penalties

If your store has been permanently disqualified from SNAP and forced to sell it or close down because of it, USDA could make things worse by requesting a maximum fine of $59,000 just for getting rid of your business. They give ten (10) days from receipt date indicating seeking collection fines; neglecting timely appeals opens up risks levied against you and hunt every penny.

To fight such penalties and fines requires legal representation handling SNAP/EBT appeals.

Snap Violation Letter: The Appeals Journey

Your right to a SNAP or EBT Appeal is administered by 7 CFR §279 and 7 USC §2023 introducing two separate appeals: Administrative Appeal then Judicial Appeal. When filing an Administrative Appeal, get into court within ten (10) days after receiving letter USDA Рlate filings forfeit rights.

Todd Spodek Law Group understands timely action importance working tirelessly ensuring prompt appeal filing. Once notice goes out Department wait receive case number back from Administrative Review Division gathering details paperwork preparing complete appellate brief lengthy up twenty pages depending on case details.

Step two files appellate brief with Administrative Review Division examining information Food Nutrition Service paperwork our office comparing relevant case law regulatory legislation included in our filing arriving at Final Agency Determination taking weeks/months depending on complexity circumstances.

At Todd Spodek Law Group employ tactics expediting appeals helping mitigate damage businesses upon completion Final Agency Determination report received back USDA while Food Nutrition Service receives copy too.

Snap/EBT Appeal Handling

The SNAP appellate process is complex, and the Administrative Review Division offers no leniency to business owners who are not represented by experienced attorneys. The appeals process can be convoluted and lengthy, especially since retailers have very few opportunities to battle evidence and reasoning that the Food and Nutrition Service lodged against them. Therefore, we strongly suggest that even if you responded to your SNAP Violation Letter without professional assistance, it’s still in your best interest to retain counsel for EBT appeal.

Todd Spodek Law Group has specialist lawyers who are experts in arguing for grocery store proprietors needing a denial reconsidered or reversal of an EBT suspension or disqualification. We provide quality legal services guiding clients through SNAP/EBT appeals process fighting tirelessly for their rights. We understand consequences of a SNAP violation devastating businesses committed ensuring fair hearing.

Snap/EBT Appeals: Tables

To better understand different types of SNAP/EBT appeals created table below:

Type Of Appeal Description
Application Denial An appeal for a business that has had their SNAP/EBT retailer license application denied.
Six-Month Or Longer Suspension An appeal for a grocery store suspended/disqualified from accepting payments due to violating regulations leading revenue reduction during EBT suspension.
Permanent Disqualification An appeal for grocers permanently disqualified from owning or operating businesses where an EBT machine is in use.
Levying Of Civil Money Penalties Appeal stores permanently disqualified from SNAP requested USDA pay maximum fine $59,000 getting rid of their business.

If you’ve received a SNAP Violation Letter requiring legal representation contact Todd Spodek Law Group today with experience knowledge helping fight rights protecting businesses.


At Todd Spodek Law Group, we understand challenges faced by grocery store proprietors when receiving suspensions/disqualifications/application denials regarding taking payments via Snap/Ebt programs. Consequences of such violations could devastate businesses hence committed ensuring fair hearing. Our lawyers are experts in arguing for grocery store proprietors needing a denial reconsidered or reversal of an EBT suspension or disqualification.

We strongly advise contacting us immediately when receiving allegations containing acts of SNAP trafficking by staff members/businesses face possibility having stores permanently disqualified. We guide through SNAP/EBT appeals process fighting tirelessly for rights ensuring businesses protected.

Don’t wait until it’s too late; contact Todd Spodek Law Group today to learn more about how we can help with your SNAP/EBT appeal – ready to fight for you!

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