Best Texas Criminal Lawyers

The Best Criminal Defense Lawyers in Texas

Finding yourself facing criminal charges in Texas can be an incredibly stressful and frightening experience. Your freedom, livelihood, and reputation may be on the line. Having an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side is crucial for navigating the complex legal system and building the strongest possible defense.

This article provides an overview of some of the top criminal defense attorneys in Texas who have a proven track record of achieving successful case outcomes for their clients.

What Makes a Great Criminal Defense Lawyer

When searching for the best criminal lawyer, there are certain key qualities that set the top attorneys apart:

  • Deep knowledge of Texas criminal law – An in-depth understanding of the state’s complex statutes, sentencing guidelines, and case law precedents is essential. Look for attorneys who focus exclusively on criminal defense.
  • Courtroom experience – The ability to perform well during pretrial hearings, plea bargains, and trial is pivotal. Seasoned litigators have honed the skills to effectively argue before judges and sway juries.
  • Investigative capabilities – Digging deep to uncover evidence that supports acquittal or mitigates sentencing is vital. The best lawyers have resources to conduct thorough independent investigations.
  • Negotiation skills – Strong negotiators can win favorable plea bargains or persuade judges to reduce charges. An adept lawyer can resolve your case without the risk of trial.
  • Client rapport – Great attorneys make clients feel comfortable, heard and cared for. Clear communication, compassion and customized defense strategies lead to the best outcomes.

The attorneys listed below check these boxes and more. Their outstanding credentials, litigation successes and client reviews make them some of the top criminal defense lawyers in Texas.

Top Texas Criminal Defense Attorneys

Mark Bennett – Houston, Texas

With over two decades of criminal law experience under his belt, Mark Bennett is one of Houston’s most seasoned and respected defense lawyers. After many years running his own firm, he joined forces with the accomplished Allison Clayton to form powerhouse boutique firm Bennett & Bennett.

Bennett’s advocacy has led to hundreds of pretrial victories and acquittals in cases ranging from DWI and marijuana possession to white collar crimes and federal fraud charges. The Board Certified Criminal Law specialist is a go-to for complex federal cases as well as state-level felonies and misdemeanors.

Clients praise Bennett for his meticulous trial preparation, creative legal strategies and compassionate support. His extensive blog and social media presence offer a wealth of educational resources on Texas criminal law.

F. Clinton Broden – Dallas, Texas

As a board certified criminal trial specialist based in Dallas, F. Clinton Broden brings over 25 years of courtroom experience to the table. His award-winning advocacy has led to hundreds of pretrial dismissals and acquittals in state and federal courts.

Broden’s tenacious litigation skills cover the whole spectrum – from white collar crimes to sex offenses and capital murder charges. He has successfully defended public figures such as law enforcement officers, attorneys, judges and elected officials.

Past clients commend Broden for his straight-talking style, legal mastery and tireless commitment to their case. He is a frequent legal commentator for national media outlets.

David Finn – Dallas, Texas

Widely recognized as one of the best criminal defense lawyers in Dallas, David Finn is a Board Certified Criminal Law specialist and past president of the Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association. For over 35 years, he has tried hundreds of complex cases and defended clients against the full range of Texas state and federal charges.

Finn is highly regarded for his skilled handling of drug crimes, especially marijuana and cocaine possession. He aggressively litigates white collar cases involving healthcare fraud, embezzlement and money laundering. Finn also has extensive experience defending sex offenses and domestic violence charges.

Past clients describe him as a tough litigator who works relentlessly to understand the facts of their case, identify procedural mistakes and technicalities, uncover exculpatory evidence, and build an airtight defense.

Bobby Mims – Tyler, Texas

Based in Tyler with over 32 years of criminal law expertise, Bobby Mims is renowned statewide for his passionate advocacy and courtroom skills. He primarily focuses on state-level felonies and works extensively on sexual assault, marijuana possession, firearm charges, as well as white collar financial and healthcare crimes.

Mims has successfully defended high-profile clients such as physicians, nurses, pharmacists, police officers, teachers, attorneys and public figures charged with sex crimes or drug offenses. He has secured hundreds of pretrial dismissals, acquittals and probations through tenacious litigation, savvy negotiation and sentencing mitigation.

Clients praise Mims’ integrity, responsiveness and ability to deliver the best possible outcome even when the facts are stacked against them. He has received awards from the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association and holds an AV Preeminent peer rating for professional excellence.

Aaron Spolin – Austin, Texas

As one of Austin’s most respected criminal appeals attorneys, Aaron Spolin has helped overturn hundreds of state and federal convictions at the appellate court level. His firm Spolin Law handles both trials and appeals for all types of criminal charges.

Spolin himself focuses exclusively on appeals and protecting clients’ post-conviction rights. His immersive case preparation, research capabilities and persuasive writing shine in the appellate courtroom. Spolin holds multiple awards from the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and National Trial Lawyers for his appellate advocacy.

If you have received an unfair conviction or excessive sentence in Texas, Spolin has the skills to identify avenues for appeal and craft compelling legal arguments to challenge verdicts. Past clients praise him for his tireless work ethic, transparency about case prospects, and compassion throughout the difficult appeals process.

Choosing the Right Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you or a loved one are facing criminal prosecution in Texas, having an experienced defense attorney in your corner can make all the difference. Carefully vet each lawyer’s background, track record with similar cases, litigation style and client support approach.

Meet with the top contenders to get a sense of who you feel most comfortable and aligned with. Cost may also be a practical consideration as legal fees vary widely. Thoroughly understand what’s included with each lawyer’s rates.