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San Diego physicians assistant license defense lawyers

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San Diego physicians assistant license defense lawyers

Working as a physician’s assistant often means that you have some of the same responsibilities as the doctor. You can usually write prescriptions and offer treatments to patients. Many assistants will work in the office when the doctor is unable to be there due to an emergency with another patient or if the doctor is scheduled to perform a procedure. The assistant can also share the patient load with the doctor in order to see more patients during the day. There are a few issues that can arise with the assistant that might require the person to seek the help of an attorney.

If you are under any kind of investigation or if anyone has any questions about your job performance or license, then you will likely receive a letter from the Physician Assistant Committee. You will usually be called in to the office for an interview to talk about what the concerns are and so that you have a chance to defend yourself. However, it’s best to have an attorney with you who can guide you as to what you should answer and what you shouldn’t answer at the time. The attorney can help you understand the rights that you have in the state so that you know the best route to take when fighting against the allegations. At times, if you aren’t sure how to handle your defense, then it could mean that you would lose your license if you lose your case. There is also a chance that you wouldn’t be able to work as an assistant any longer in the state even if your license would get reinstated in the future.

There are several issues that could have an impact on your license to work as a physician assistant in San Diego. One of the common issues is chemical dependency. Some workers will start to take medications that have been prescribed to them or that they prescribe on their own since they have access to all of the paperwork necessary to write a prescription. When chemicals are taken that are either legal or illegal, it often hinders the way that you can perform your job. You might not be able to focus like you should, which could mean that some of the orders that you give to patients are wrong. If you have received a DUI or another type of charge, then the board could suspend your license until you can show that you are no longer on any kind of substance or until you can show that you are not going to commit any other crimes.

Violations of drug laws are also common issues seen by a physician assistant. Some workers will write prescriptions for family members or friends and get a portion of the prescription after it’s filled. Another issue is writing prescriptions for people who don’t exist or who don’t enter the office and then getting those prescriptions filled. Some workers will write prescriptions and get them filled to turn around and sell them for money.

Allegations of misconduct or the standards of care are common among assistants. Some patients want treatment or care in a certain way, and when that care is not received or it’s not offered in a manner that the patient sees fit, then a report could be made. However, there are times when an assistant will not offer the proper care, such as not giving medications or even abusing the patient while in the office. This is a time when charges would be filed for abuse in most situations.

If you have received any kind of notice about your license, it’s important to talk to an attorney to get the help that you need to defeat the charges or to get the least possible sentence for anything that is proven to be wrong.

San Diego physicians assistant license defense lawyers

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