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NYC DEA Investigation Lawyers

Raiser & Kenniff, PC handles numerous DEA registrant issues across the USA. We handle a wide array of matters such as:

-DEA Audits/Inspections

-DEA Disciplinary Actions

-Criminal Actions by DEA

-DEA Surrenders

-DEA Suspensions and revocations

-DEA Applications and renewal issues

Our New York DEA Lawyers helps DEA registrants with both criminal and disciplinary actions. If you are alleged to have violated the Controlled Substances Act and other DEA regulations – then we can help. In recent years, the DEA has increased it’s investigations into pain clinics, and prescribers of controlled substances. As a result, this has resulted in intense scrutiny, and criminal actions, against practitioners and prescribers of controlled substances. Our attorneys have experience helping physicians who are accused of crimes pertaining to controlled substances.

In addition to handling criminal defense, our healthcare attorneys help practitioners obtain their DEA registrations. We help registrants obtain their DEA registration after a suspension of their registration. We have helped practicioners who previously surrendered their registration get a new DEA registration. Our attorneys have helped applicants who have previous criminal convictions and have prior disciplinary actions — successfully get a DEA registration. Our clients include:


-Mid-level healthcare providers




-Narcotic Treatment Programs

In addition, we also help practitioners and their practices with DEA audits and other investigations of the Controlled Substances Act. Some audits are done as routine audits – in order to ensure compliance with the CSA. Other audits, are essentially investigations into alleged wrongdoing. Regardless of what initiated the audit, this can result in criminal action against the healthcare provider registered with the DEA. Our lawyers have helped with onsite assistance to DEA registrants across the USA. We help protect your rights during a DEA inspection.

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