16 May 23

Metropolitan Correctional Center New York | MCC New York

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MCC New York: A Haven of Safety and Rehabilitation for Inmates

The Metropolitan Correctional Center New York (MCC New York) stands as a towering symbol of secure and safe incarceration amidst the bustling streets of New York City. Being located just across from the federal courthouse and adjacent to Foley Square, this 12-story high-rise building serves as a temporary home for pre-trial detainees, holdover inmates, and some prisoners serving brief sentences. Having housed numerous high-profile individuals, MCC New York has gained a significant amount of public attention, but ultimately remains a well-established prison that ensures the safety and well-being of its various categories of inmates.

Maintaining Gender Equality and Providing Essential Services

As a mixed-gender facility, MCC New York successfully accommodates both male and female inmates in its ten housing units with a capacity of approximately 0 occupants. Although Residential Drug Abuse Programs (RDAP) are unavailable here, inmates struggling with addiction can benefit from Non-Residential Drug Abuse Programs (NR-DAP) and Drug Education Classes that provide support and guidance for overcoming their demons.

In addition to this, MCC New York offers indispensable medical services, ranging from general care to dental treatments and emergency interventions. Furthermore, psychology services include screening for signs of suicide, mental health concerns, and referring inmates to the Psychology Department. Committed to empowering inmates, the prison provides a vast array of educational resources, such as access to the TRULINCS Electronic Law Library and GED courses, equipping them with valuable skills for their future release.

Unwavering Security Measures for a Safe Environment

With its stringent administrative segregation units and heightened security measures, MCC New York has earned nicknames like “the Manhattan Detention Center” and “the Guantanamo of New York.” Crucial security features such as an operational alarm system and security cameras offer a constant vigilance, ensuring the facility remains a safe haven for its inhabitants.

Although recreational facilities within MCC New York are rather limited, inmates can participate in various activities such as art, exercise, and music programs. Alongside these creative outlets, an extensive range of reading materials offers a sense of escapism through education and entertainment.

A Place to Meet Basic Needs and Foster Relationships

The commissary within MCC New York plays a pivotal role in providing inmates with essential items such as food, beverages, and personal items. With an allowance of up to $360 monthly, inmates can feel a small sense of normalcy within the confines of the prison walls by purchasing these necessities.

Visiting hours at MCC New York may be limited, with prisoners only allowed visitors on specific days based on their housing unit permissions between 8:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. Despite these restrictions, inmates cherish these opportunities to forge emotional connections, maintain relationships, and receive emotional support from their loved ones.

Notable Inmates and Controversial Incidents

Over the years, MCC New York has housed an array of notorious inmates, including drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, Ponzi scheme mastermind Bernard Madoff, as well as high-ranking members of the Gambino crime family and notorious terrorists. While their infamous presence may cast a shadow on the institution, it only serves to emphasize the strong and effective security measures in place.

Despite its stronghold, MCC New York has faced its share of controversies, including instances of guard misconduct, such as rape, physical assault, and smuggling drugs into the facility. However, swift action and strict internal monitoring ensure such incidents remain rare.


Ultimately, MCC New York stands as a testament to the commitment of prison authorities to ensure the safe and secure incarceration of detainees, while also providing essential services and opportunities for personal growth. In a world where daily life can be harsh and unforgiving, MCC New York seeks to support its inmates not only physically and academically but also emotionally. Through the provision of visiting hours, educational resources, and artistic programs, inmates are given a chance to heal, connect, and grow both within and beyond the prison’s walls.

Metropolitan Correctional Center New York | MCC New York

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