How Do I Fight Allegations of Manual EBT Card Entries?

How Do I Fight Allegations of Manual EBT Card Entries?

Dealing with accusations of manually entering EBT card numbers can be scary. I know—I’ve been there. Let’s walk through this together, step-by-step, so you can protect yourself.

First up: What’s the big deal about manual entries? The government doesn’t want retailers entering card numbers by hand unless the cardholder is present and enters their PIN. That’s because manual entries make it easier to misuse benefits by letting someone use a card without the owner there. But mistakes happen! That doesn’t mean you did anything wrong.

Gather Evidence

If accused of manual entries, your first move is gathering evidence. Print out:
– Your last few weeks of EBT transaction reports
– Any records of the disputed transactions
– Store training policies & procedures

This shows you take EBT seriously and follow the rules. It also gives you something solid to work from.

Look for Explanations

Next, examine the records for clues. Are the transactions during a rush when it’s easy to make mistakes? Do they involve new cashiers who might need more training? Look for honest errors like:

  • Hitting the wrong button on the POS
  • Entering the amount before swiping the EBT card
  • Swiping a card twice by accident

Stuff happens. Don’t assume the worst right away.

Talk to Employees

Have a kind, open chat with staff involved. Explain you’re looking into some EBT transactions that seem unusual. Ask if they remember anything about those sales. Give them a chance to explain before accusing anyone. You might uncover a simple mix-up.

Review Policies & Retrain

Even if it was an innocent mistake, take it as a sign to improve. Review EBT policies with employees, have everyone sign an acknowledgement, and do more training. Show you’re committed to doing things right. It also covers you if this comes up again.

Respond to Allegations

Now it’s time to respond. Contact the agency that reached out about manual entries. Explain what you found in your investigation, like:

  • Records showing the transactions were probably accidental
  • New policies and training you’ve implemented

Emphasize you take EBT rules seriously and want to fix any issues. Having documentation will make your case stronger.

Request Formal Charges

Here’s a pro tip: Ask the agency to provide formal charges against you. This makes them prove their case. They may realize they don’t have enough evidence and back off. If they do charge you, you’ll know exactly what you need to dispute.

Dispute the Charges

If charged, you have the right to challenge allegations. Respond to charges through the administrative review process. Explain why accusations are mistaken, providing documentation. Be polite but firm advocating for yourself.

You can also appeal to the USDA. They provide an administrative review process to dispute findings. But act quickly – you only have 10 days to request a review once notified of an adverse action.

Request a Settlement

Settlement may also be an option. This involves negotiating an agreement with the agency to resolve allegations without drawn-out appeals. It may allow you to pay a smaller penalty or keep taking EBT if you enhance training and monitoring.

But be cautious about settling too quickly. Make sure you understand terms and potential consequences. Getting expert legal advice is wise here.

Consult a Lawyer

Speaking of legal advice, consulting a lawyer familiar with EBT cases is smart. They can review evidence, negotiate with the agency, and represent you in appeals. It’s reassuring to have an expert on your side.

Lawyers can also advise if you have grounds for a lawsuit. You may be able to sue for lost business if wrongly accused. An attorney can assess if litigation makes sense.

Call Your EBT Provider

Your EBT processor like Conduent or FIS may be able to help too. Explain the situation and ask for their guidance responding to allegations. They want to keep your business, so they have an incentive to assist.

Contact Your Legislators

Getting your elected representatives involved can be useful too. Share documentation and explain how allegations threaten your business. Politicians may be willing to contact the agency on your behalf.

At minimum, contact from legislators creates pressure on the agency to follow fair procedures. It signals someone important is watching the case.

Fight False Allegations

Defending yourself against wrongful accusations takes courage and perseverance. But you can do it – thousands have been there before. Stay calm, gather evidence, and keep advocating for the truth. You got this!

Let me know if any part of the process seems confusing. I’m happy to clarify and provide more ideas. We’ll get through this together.


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