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Fight Your Charge of Cocaine Possession with Our Expert Legal Team in Hoboken, New Jersey

As the destructive issue of cocaine abuse and addiction ravages the lives of young people aged 18-25 years, it poses a serious problem for this vulnerable demographic. The National Institute on Drug Abuse sends a clear warning signal for those at risk of cocaine-related charges. It’s no surprise that in Hoboken, countless individuals face charges of cocaine possession annually, as the police diligently combat its menacing presence. No matter if your coke charge stems from addiction or merely recreational use, you need to understand that a conviction leads to a felony criminal record and severe penalization. This is why you urgently require an accomplished lawyer specializing in Hoboken cocaine possession cases at the helm of your defense.

At the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, we provide a highly-talented team with the essential expertise to tackle possession of cocaine charges in Hudson County’s Supreme Court. Boasting over 200 years of combined experience, our attorneys excel at defending clients against drug-related charges, with specific expertise in cocaine possession offenses in the state.

Our Experienced Legal Team

Our formidable legal team comprises ten lawyers who specialize exclusively in defense, coupled with former county prosecutors who have served in various roles within the Drugs Task Force, Major Crimes Bureau, Juvenile Unit, and the entire Trial Division. Not only that, but we also have certified criminal trial attorneys at our offices in both Hoboken and Jersey City, ready and waiting to provide assistance to our clients.

Our legal team is staunchly dedicated to advocating for your rights. With a proactive approach, we strive to shield you from incarceration or lifelong stigma caused by a criminal record stemming from a cocaine charge. Our primary objective is to boost your chances of avoiding prosecution through aggressive defense tactics, deep understanding of drug laws, and a strong history of interactions with law enforcers, prosecutors, and court procedures.

Don’t delay – contact our knowledgeable Hoboken drug possession lawyers at 201-309-0500 for a no-obligation, free consultation available throughout the day and night. We’re here to discuss your case, answer your queries, and guide you through the potential options to safeguard your future.

Cocaine Possession Laws in Hoboken

N.J.S.A 2C:35-10 regulates drug possession and cocaine-related offenses in New Jersey. This law dictates that purposefully or knowingly possessing cocaine constitutes a third-degree crime. An individual can possess cocaine either actually or constructively in such cases.

Actual possession occurs when someone has CDS on their person, while constructive possession arises when an individual lacks direct control over the drug but intends to utilize or control it later, knowing precisely where it is located. Constructive possession instances are pervasive as police officers often find cocaine-related substances in vehicles with multiple occupants or in rooms unfit for habitation.

If nobody claims ownership of the cocaine found, all present individuals may be guilty of violating N.J.S.A 2C:35-10. An officer only needs to prove that you were aware of the drug’s location and intended to take control of it in the future to secure a conviction.

Luckily, our defense attorneys understand precisely what evidence is required for the prosecution to nail a cocaine possession charge. We will leverage this knowledge, alongside legal defenses, to weaken and attack the charges raised against you. For instance, by proving unwarranted searches and seizures of evidence, we could convince a judge to exclude any evidence obtained against you from court proceedings.

Penalties Associated with Cocaine Possession in Hoboken

Convictions for cocaine possession come with penalties that far exceed your expectations. You can expect to face up to $35,000 in fines and up to five years behind bars. Additionally, you risk losing your driving license for two years, and the lifelong stigma of having a criminal record associated with a drug conviction. Offenses involving larger quantities even lead to more severe charges, like intent to sell or distribute, as regulated by N.J.S.A 2C:35-5 – this means the quantity determines the degree of the crime committed.

Our defense attorneys act as staunch advocates on your behalf, ensuring the charges that you’re facing may result in dismissal, acquittal after a trial, or even fulfilling certain conditions like undergoing substance abuse evaluation or completing a recommended treatment program. Pretrial intervention and drug court programs can also help to dismiss cocaine possession charges against you.

Hoboken’s Top Cocaine Possession Defense Attorneys

At the Law Offices of Jonathan F Marshall, our specialized lawyers are committed to achieving the best possible outcome for you, whether through dismissal, acquittal after a trial or securing reduced charges. With years of experience, our team knows the ins and outs of the defense strategies, negotiation tactics, and drug laws necessary to help our clients avoid convictions and criminal records.

If you’re searching for attorneys truly committed to your defense, look no further than our Hoboken cocaine possession legal team. Call us at 201-309-0500 to speak to a member of our defense team and book a free initial consultation, available any time throughout the day or night. Your future awaits.


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