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Austin Federal Criminal Lawyers

Austin, Texas, is the music epicenter of Texas. If you are found with a sizable quantity of drugs in this area, you can be charged by the DEA with drug trafficking even if it was for personal use. It is not uncommon for people to boil down the resins of marijuana for personal edibles that can be consumed. This makes the volume of drugs seized a moot issue and the trafficking charges pure speculation unless the marijuana was packaged into small packets for sale or a high-volume of distribution can be proven.

If you are targeted by the federal government for any type of computer, kidnapping, extortion, mail fraud, bank fraud, tax fraud, or other organized crime laws, it is important to obtain the best representation possible.

Why Do I Need an Experienced Attorney?

Skilled Austin federal criminal defense attorneys are able to force the prosecution’s hand when it comes to negotiating a plea deal. You may be able to walk away with a few months in jail, probation, or even a fine. In some cases, the prosecution is missing an element of the offense or evidence regarding a key element. The judges and prosecution will ignore you like you don’t know night from day if you try to raise these issues. When an expert attorney raises them, they won’t be able to cover up the injustices.

It is an uphill battle to litigate a claim yourself or to rely on court-appointed attorneys that have huge caseloads. When it comes to any kind of litigation, the size of your war chest is the all-controlling factor. Prosecutors like to pick on unarmed and gullible defendants who are easily manipulated. For this reason, you will see a lot of serious criminals escape justice and the most innocent people vilified for petty infractions.

Furthermore, because the law is now so hypertechnical, the judges are becoming increasingly intolerant of even small procedural errors that impede their workflow. For these reasons, it may not matter how intelligent you are or how innocent you may be, you can have rock-solid evidence of innocence and be barred from submitting it at trial. The trial judge will just pretend that it is inadmissible, and that you don’t know the rules.

When you are trying to litigate in the courts, you are dealing with some very hardened characters. Their business is to perpetuate the appearance of being tough on crime. And they are bound to walk all over you if you don’t have someone well versed in criminal defense to stand in your corner. Many judges walk into courts and rely almost exclusively on the representations of the attorneys to present the claims from both sides. They trust these presentations because the attorneys have a lot to lose if they attempt to mislead the court. When a defendant walks into court and tries to represent themselves, they will almost always become an object of derision.

A skilled attorney also has the resources to conduct their own investigations into the matter. They can work with expert witnesses to produce forensic evidence that acquits you even if it outwardly appears that you are guilty and without hope based on the prosecution’s evidence. Without a skilled Austin Federal criminal defense attorney, you are truly at the mercy of officials who are only held back by their conscience if they have one. Many prosecutors have a win-at-all-costs mentality and are willing to shoot first and ask questions later.

The clearest example of this is a recent case where a Texas man was wrongfully convicted of raping a 12-year-old girl. When the DNA evidence was finally compelled, it proved that the DNA of the perpetrator matched a rapist who had other victims. Despite all this evidence, the prosecutor argued that the girl was promiscuous and that the innocent man also had sex with her. Not only did this prosecutor escape consequences for framing an innocent man, but he was also promptly promoted to a judicial position for his clever antics.

The fence politics and faith in the public officials in Texas is alarming. Many see them as infallible and are willing to see the good in any evil they commit. Only a skilled Austin criminal defense attorney can protect you from overzealous prosecutors by putting in the work to hold the prosecution to their burden of proof at every phase of the case.

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