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Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution (UFAP) or Giving Testimony

July 23, 2020 Federal Criminal Attorneys

Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution (UFAP) or Giving Testimony

Escaping to avoid prosecution or giving testimony is a serious offense that can lead to serious criminal penalties in federal court. You might have heard the phrase “don’t leave town” spoken by a prosecutor or investigator during a criminal process or on a crime show. Our team of seasoned defense lawyers are here to advise you on the best course of action to take during your criminal case. If you have already been accused of UFAP or another unlawful flight offense, we are ready to take over your defense and fight for your freedom. As charges mount, you need a federal defense attorney on your side who is willing to simplify your side of the process while taking care of the complex and challenging legal work behind the scenes. With so much at stake, it is important that you hire a knowledgeable attorney as soon as possible. It really does matter to work with a private defender who is committed to protecting your best interests and who has time to be with you throughout your criminal case. Don’t wait any longer; begin fighting for your freedom with our experienced federal defense team.


With years of knowledge and experience working with clients in various criminal cases, our recognized and licensed trial attorneys have developed respected and comprehensive defense practices and know how to handle the unique issues that each client faces. Visit our law firm today or contact us via phone to learn more on how our team can help you and what the first steps you should be taking are. Don’t risk missing out on a favorable case conclusion, reach out to us for a free no-obligation case discussion.


18 U.S.C. 1073 – Flight to Avoid Prosecution or Giving Testimony

The following are the three distinct situations which can lead to UFAP charge:


  1. You can be found guilty of UFAP if you move or travel in interstate or foreign commerce with intent to avoid custody or prosecution or confinement after a conviction under the laws of the place you flee for a crime or attempt which is either a felony or punishable by death.
  2. If you move or travel to avoid giving testimony in death penalty proceedings or any criminal felony, you can be found guilty under this section.
  3. Lastly, if you move or travel to avoid contempt proceedings or to avoid being served, you can also be found guilty.


Criminal Penalties for Fleeing to Avoid Prosecution

According to federal law, anyone found guilty under this section can face up to five years jail time, and a possible fine. Remember, these penalties will add on to any penalties for the offense you allegedly fled from, and in turn could hurt your future case, especially if you were hoping to get out on bail. Let our federal defense team handle your case and make sure you get the best possible result in your federal UFAP proceedings, and the rest of your criminal case. Contact us now to speak with an experienced defense attorney about the specific situation you are facing.


As one of the recognized legal defense firms, we are committed to doing whatever it takes to get you the results you deserve in your case. We will put in the time to guarantee we have considered every possible legal option in your case. As soon as you are first questioned in your criminal case or accused of fleeing to avoid legal proceedings of any kind, get in touch with an experienced defense lawyer who can advise you on the next steps you need to take. Our skilled lawyers are always ready to start fighting for you and will aggressively defend your wellbeing throughout the stages of your criminal case. We understand that being in this situation can be overwhelming and may make you feel helpless and vulnerable. Know that we are here for you. Let us start working with you to defend your freedom—may it be during investigation, trial, or even later on in your case. Call our team for a completely free case consultation or send us a message online to learn more about our proven approach towards federal criminal defense.



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