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July 3, 2020 Federal Criminal Attorneys

Cyber attacks can influence and even interfere with American democracy, which is one of the reasons that the United States takes them so seriously. It has become the new reality that authorities in the United States face, and they don’t take this lightly. The FBI and the DOJ enhances the capabilities of what they can do here.

Modern Technology: The New Threat

As Americans, we face a new threat to where foreign governments have tried to subvert American democracy through influencing and changing our institutions. They use the internet and social media platforms to accomplish goals like this. To combat some of the risks, law enforcement agencies have begun to use sophisticated technologies to spot these cyber crimes.

Defense from Qualified Lawyers

Someone who has received charges for crimes like this should seek the qualified expertise of a lawyer skilled in this field of law. As a federal case, these can be difficult to beat, and they will often throw the book at people charged with crimes like this. Giving someone a fair trial is what lawyers exist for, and that is why you need some of the best. It ensures that you receive a fair trial.

What Qualifies as Malign Foreign Influence

You have a few things that qualify as malign foreign influence, such as:

  • Spreading disinformation and sewing division in the United States.
  • Direct efforts to corrupt a US Election.
  • Efforts to target political bases.
  • Efforts to spread a specific campaign.

How Do Lawyers Defend against This?

Federal agencies come at crimes like this hard, and they will use all the resources available to them to combat it. Lawyers will usually look for ways to prove that the individual didn’t commit the crime that they said was committed. They might look for ways to prove that the intention was different than what it looked like. Lawyers will usually use their knowledge of different laws to defend someone charged with this.

How Does the Government Investigate These Cases?

The government uses sophisticated tactics to investigate cases like this. They will look for things that reveal criminal conduct and warrants criminal charges. A person caught interfering with US elections could face charges on multiple fronts, and they will receive multiple charges. The punishment could involve millions of dollars in fines, and the individual could also face decades behind bars in a federal prison. Through extradition treaties, they can often foreign nationals who reside in other countries as well.

In some cases, they might support putting financial sanctions on governments that support or allow malign foreign influence. Some of the things that it can do include tariffs, embargoes and financial sanctions on another country that harbors criminals like this. For that reason, this can be a difficult crime to run from.

Many times, the US government will coordinate its efforts with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies to weed out crimes like this. They will look for information on all fronts that could lead to an arrest. The DOJ operates in coordination with the FBI, and they have a nationwide reach as necessary. In some cases, they might look at social media platforms to identify that such a crime has taken place.

Negotiating to Lower the Charges

After they have publically identified corrupt influences like this, they will do things consistent with their policies and practices of catching criminals like this. In many cases, they keep the confidentiality of it, which can lower the potential for consequences. In some cases, you might see lawyers defending someone from these charges working with the federal authorities and negotiating to get the charges lowered. That’s one of the best defenses against it.

If you or someone you love has received charges like this, you need to seek the qualified experience of a skilled attorney. You don’t want to risk representation from a less qualified attorney. Charges like this require someone knowledgeable in this field of law and someone who understands how to represent you. For someone accused of this, they should know that their case isn’t hopeless. Even if they can’t necessarily get the charges dropped, they still have chances of reducing them.



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