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Drug Crimes Lawyers: Sale of a Prescription for a Controlled Substance

We’ve all heard about the nation’s problems with prescription drug abuse. People are ingesting popular prescription drugs like Fentanyl and Oxycontin. They are also ingesting street drugs that mix ingredients in these drugs with other substances like heroin and methadone. People are dying from overdoses because they don’t know the true strength of the pills they buy. These victims of drug abuse are from all walks of life and from all income levels. Drugs kills everyone the same way, with a finality that hurts their family and friends. Therefore, you probably understand that law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and judges in New York State take criminal drug charges very seriously. They won’t feel sympathy for the outcome in your drug case, and they won’t give you advice that helps you solve this situation. They want to throw the book at you because you are an accused offender. What you need to solve your legal dilemmna is a qualified drug lawyer with experience representing other cases.

Understanding Your Arrest
A drug case like this would typically result in your professional activity involving prescription drugs being investigated because someone you worked with or who was reviewing your work records found an irregularity in the drug inventory or perhaps reviewed footage of your actions on a video camera. This case requires careful investigation to establish when you transacted the sale of drugs and that you were breaking the law by profiting from putting those meds into the wrong hands. Therefore, you can bet that whoever investigated this case spent a lot of time researching your activities before finding enough evidence to substantiate this charge. There must be compelling evidence to have this charge hold up in a New York court of law.

You Could Face Serious Jail Time
There are different consequences related to selling a prescription drug as a controlled substance. It depends on the degree of the crime for the judge to determine how much jail time that a convicted person might have to serve. According to the New York Penal Code Article 220.65, if a pharmacist or a practitioner sells a prescription drug unlawfully, their offense is a Class C felony. The judge will consider whether you have any criminal history, what those specific convictions were, if any, and what would be the appropriate sentence for your alleged crime. If you are convicted, please understand that this type of offense comes with a maximum of 15 years in state prison. It’s important if you have been charged with this in relation to your professional work in the medical field involving prescription drugs that you immediately seek legal counsel. Before you have a lawyer, you could be asked many questions by the law enforcement, drug agents, and prosecutors about your involvement with the drug case. You could inadvertently answer their questions and give them evidence that they will later use against you to show your guilt. Think about your future as a person who is either locked up in prison for many years or free like the rest of the population. If you hire a good attorney, this legal advisor could possibly get your case dismissed, negotiate a plea bargain on your behalf in exchange for a reduced sentence, or get you acquitted for this criminal charge. If you leave this case up to chance, you could spend up to 15 years behind bars. This would be a long time to miss the company of your family and friends. So much would change by the time you get out that you would have to start your life over.

Take Action Today
Don’t leave your future up to chance. Consult with the attorneys at theSpodek Law Group about your legal options. Our dedicated attorneys have helped many clients fight their prescription drug charges and restore their professional status in the medical community. It takes an aggressive attorney to seek out and review the many facts in this type of case and find an angle from which to build a proper defense. If you are not experienced with this branch of criminal defense, you won’t be able to choose the best course of action simply by researching state law on the Internet. You also can’t replace trusted legal advice with tips offered by relatives or friends who have experience in the criminal justice system. It’s inevitable that you will get your day in court, and you will need to show how or why you couldn’t have committed this crime. Get started with finding your qualified New York drug crimes lawyer and start building your defense today!

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