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NYC DAT Ticket Lawyers

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Desk Appearance Tickets: Why You Need a Lawyer

Any encounter with law enforcement officials can be complicated. The law encompasses many areas and issues. It is imperative to keep in mind the differing jurisdictions. New York City, for example, has different laws than those laws that govern neighboring New Jersey and Connecticut. New York City also has different laws than those that govern New York state. Everyone who lives in this area or even just chooses to pass through it on their way to somewhere else should be aware of the ways that such laws can have an impact on their lives.

The D.A.T.

One specific New York City legal procedure is what is known as a desk appearance ticket of D.A.T. This is legal instrument that allows those who are accused of a crime to avoid being pulled off to jail. If, for example, someone is accused of shoplifting a certain amount, the person can be ordered to appear in the court system on a given date. This means they don’t face the prospect of being sent to jail. At the same time, these laws can be deeply complicated. Many local laws apply to the issuance of a D.A.T. They may not be available under all circumstances nor may they be allowed if someone is there from another state or different nation completely. The D.A. T. may also have certain conditions attached to it such as the requirement to have a local address.

While on the surface, this can seem quite a very minor issue, it is still a serious matter. You have been arrested and booked by the court system. You will be asked to appear in front of a judge at a set date in order to determine if any punishment is warranted. Many such crimes are subject to a jail term for up to a year. Even a class a misdemeanor can vastly disrupt all areas of your life. You might be forced to give up custody of your children to the state if you can no longer care for them because they are in jail. Those who hold a professional license from the city of New York may be in danger of losing this license because they have be convicted of a crime. The D.A.T. does not require you to held in jail. However, it does require you to show up in court on the agreed upon date for the hearing. If you don’t, a bench warrant will be issued for your arrest.

How the Lawyer Can Help

It is important to keep in mind that there are many possible different outcomes if you are faced with this kind of court hearing. You may be subject to all sorts of penalties. Sometimes, it is possible to settle the case before you go to court. A lawyer can speak to the courts on your behalf before anything else happens. The lawyer can also choose to help you understand all the legal consequences that might happen if you are facing a D.A.T. For example, if you have an active immigration case with the federal government, this can impact your ability to get that case resolved to your personal satisfaction. Keep in mind as well that the state is not necessarily handing you this desk ticket because they do not have a case against you or they have one that might not have much evidence. This is being done for one reason primarily. That is because the city can save money this way. City officials may choose to add additional charges once you are in court. You might not know about these potential charges when you show up in court.

The procedure itself can be quite daunting. You will be facing a judge, possibly witnesses and the assistant district attorney. The return date on the ticket can offer you a chance to have someone on your side who can help you respond to questions about the case and make sure the answers given are those that serve your legal interests when possible. It is also possible to get the case dismissed even if you are given a D.A.T. A person can be given one even if they have a long history of prior criminal acts. If you do not appear, you will be given a bench warrant. This means that if you make a single mistake such as making a slight wrong turn when driving, the officer can pull you over. If they find you have a D.A.T. and you haven’t shown up, they can arrest you on the spot and bring you to jail. A lawyer can explain all of this. They can show you how it might impact your life and what to do before you do anything else. Really good legal counsel is essential when facing a desk appearance ticket