Best Everett Criminal Lawyers

Best Everett Criminal Defense Lawyers

Finding the right criminal defense lawyer in Everett, WA can make all the difference in the outcome of your case. With so many options to choose from, how do you know which attorney is the best fit for you? In this article, we’ll go over some of the top criminal lawyers in Everett and what makes them stand out.

What to Look For in an Everett Criminal Defense Attorney

When researching criminal defense attorneys in Everett, there are a few key factors to keep in mind:

Experience Handling Your Type of Case

You’ll want to find a lawyer with specific experience dealing with the charges you’re facing – whether it’s a DUI, drug crime, theft charge, or something else. An attorney who regularly handles your type of criminal case will understand the complexities and best defenses.

Knowledge of Local Courts and Prosecutors

It also helps to find a criminal lawyer who is familiar with the local Everett courts and prosecutors. They’ll understand the tendencies of judges and how to craft arguments to persuade them. Local experience can really pay off.

Resources and Trial Skills

Look for an attorney with strong litigation and negotiation skills who has the resources to build the best defense. Things like conducting investigations, interviewing expert witnesses, and preparing compelling legal arguments require substantial experience.

Affordable Fees

The cost of legal representation is also key. Look for Everett criminal lawyers who offer competitive rates and flexible payment plans to fit your budget.

Top Criminal Defense Law Firms in Everett

With these factors in mind, here are some of the best criminal defense attorneys and law firms in Everett, WA:

1. The Law Office of Jonathan Rands

Widely recognized as one of the top criminal defense attorneys in Snohomish County, Jonathan Rands has over 20 years of experience representing clients in Everett facing charges from DUI to homicide. He is known for his relentless pursuit of the most favorable case outcomes, whether securing dismissals pre-trial or winning at jury trial. Rands provides compassionate yet aggressive representation to obtain the best possible result.

2. Muscek Law Office

Focusing exclusively on criminal defense work, the Muscek Law Office has a proven track record defending clients in Everett facing serious felony charges. Attorney Michael Muscek is a former prosecutor who knows how to poke holes in the prosecution’s case. He takes a personalized approach and has secured many successful case outcomes for his clients through dismissals, acquittals, and charge reductions.

3. The Law Office of Mark T. Bartlett

A strong choice for defending against DUI and other misdemeanor crimes, attorney Mark Bartlett has over 25 years of criminal law experience. He is known for his tenacious courtroom presence and isn’t afraid to take cases to trial when it gives the client the best chance to win. Bartlett also offers affordable flat-fee options.

4. Carrigan & Associates

The criminal defense lawyers at Carrigan & Associates provide aggressive representation for clients facing charges ranging from drug crimes to white collar offenses. Founding attorney Paul Carrigan is a former prosecutor who knows how to anticipate the prosecution’s moves. The firm has a proven ability to get charges reduced or dismissed pre-trial.

5. The Law Office of Stephanie L. Grassia

Backed by over a decade of criminal defense experience, attorney Stephanie Grassia provides customized representation to clients in Everett facing DUI, drug charges, domestic violence allegations, and more. She is known for her compassionate approach and ability to resolve cases efficiently. Grassia offers free consultations to evaluate the case.

What to Expect When Working with an Everett Criminal Lawyer

If you hire one of these skilled Everett criminal defense attorneys, here is an overview of what you can expect:

Thorough Case Review

After an initial consultation and review of your charges, your lawyer will conduct in-depth analysis of the prosecution’s evidence and weaknesses in their case. This involves things like reviewing police reports, analyzing forensic evidence, and identifying constitutional rights violations.

Custom Defense Strategy

Based on the case review, your attorney will determine the strongest defense strategy. This could involve negotiating with prosecutors for reduced or dismissed charges, filing suppression motions to exclude evidence, asserting affirmative defenses, or taking your case to trial.

Ongoing Communication

Throughout the process, your lawyer will continually communicate with you to explain what is happening at each stage, prepare you for court appearances, and discuss potential settlement offers from the prosecution.

Strong Courtroom Advocacy

During any hearings or trial, your attorney will aggressively defend you by cross-examining witnesses, presenting persuasive legal arguments, and ensuring your rights are protected. Their courtroom skills can make a big difference.

Avoiding Convictions and Minimizing Penalties

Ultimately, the top priority is to avoid a criminal conviction altogether or minimize any penalties you may face. An experienced Everett criminal lawyer has the skills to achieve the most favorable outcome.

Why Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer is Crucial

Facing criminal charges is an extremely high stakes situation. Here are some key reasons why retaining a criminal defense attorney is so important:

  • They understand how to navigate the complex criminal justice system and protect your rights.
  • They can identify weaknesses in the prosecution’s case and build the strongest defense on your behalf.
  • They have experience negotiating with prosecutors to get charges reduced or dismissed pre-trial.
  • They know how to effectively argue your case in court to achieve a positive outcome.
  • They can help minimize penalties and avoid devastating consequences like jail time.
  • They can guide you through the emotional stress and uncertainty of facing criminal prosecution.


Being arrested for a crime in Everett can be a frightening and overwhelming experience. But hiring one of the skilled criminal defense lawyers discussed above can help ensure you get the best possible outcome. They have the experience, resources, and determination to protect your rights, avoid convictions, and minimize penalties. Don’t leave the fate of your case up to chance – let an experienced Everett criminal attorney fight for the results you deserve.