Los Angeles Drunk in Public Defense Lawyers

Los Angeles Drunk in Public Defense Lawyers: A Helpful Guide

Getting arrested for being drunk in public can be a scary and confusing experience. As a Los Angeles resident, you have rights when it comes to defending yourself against these charges. This article will provide a helpful overview of drunk in public laws in LA, common defenses, and how an experienced criminal defense lawyer can assist you.

What is California’s Drunk in Public Law?

California Penal Code 647(f) makes it a misdemeanor to be drunk in public. This means it is illegal to be:

  • Under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • In a public place
  • Unable to care for your own safety or the safety of others OR obstructing free use of a street, sidewalk or public way

Simply being drunk in public is not enough to justify an arrest. The law requires you to meet all 3 conditions above.

For example, if you are drunk in a public park but not bothering anyone, that alone wouldn’t qualify as a crime under 647(f). There needs to be an additional element like stumbling into traffic or picking fights with strangers to satisfy the legal requirements.

What are the Penalties for Drunk in Public in LA?

A drunk in public conviction in Los Angeles carries the following maximum penalties:

  • Up to 6 months in county jail
  • Up to $1000 in fines
  • Summary probation up to 3 years

If convicted 3 times in one year, there is a mandatory minimum 90 day jail sentence. This can sometimes be replaced with a 60 day alcohol treatment program.

While first offenses often result in probation, any drunk in public conviction will still appear on your criminal record. This can negatively impact job, housing, and other life prospects.

That’s why it’s so important to take these charges seriously and fight them with an experienced lawyer on your side. An attorney may be able to get charges reduced or dismissed to minimize the lifelong consequences.


Why Hire a Drunk in Public Lawyer?

Trying to navigate the legal system alone can be extremely difficult, especially when your freedom is on the line. An experienced Los Angeles drunk in public attorney can provide invaluable help with your case, such as:

  • Conducting a thorough investigation of your arrest
  • Identifying improper police conduct or other constitutional violations
  • Negotiating with the prosecutor to get charges reduced or dismissed
  • Advising you of all potential defenses based on the unique details of your case
  • Providing skilled and aggressive representation if your case goes to trial

Having a knowledgeable lawyer in your corner levels the playing field and gives you the best chance at beating these charges and avoiding devastating consequences.

How to Choose the Best Drunk in Public Lawyer in LA

Not all attorneys have the same track record of success when it comes to drunk in public defenses. When researching lawyers, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Check their experience – Look for a lawyer with extensive practice defending drunk in public and other alcohol-related charges. Handling these cases regularly leads to better outcomes.
  • Read online reviews – Client testimonials and reviews can give insight into a lawyer’s communication skills, case strategies, and overall effectiveness for drunk in public defenses.
  • Meet for a consultation – Schedule a free meeting with potential attorneys before deciding who to hire. This lets you evaluate them in person and get professional insight into your specific case.
  • Compare fee structures – Legal fees can vary widely between firms. Make sure you understand what’s included and any potential extra costs.
  • Verify their license – Always confirm a lawyer’s license is valid and they have no history of serious disciplinary issues.

Following these steps helps ensure you choose the right advocate to fight your drunk in public charge and protect your future.


Being arrested for public intoxication can have serious consequences that follow you for life. Don’t leave the outcome to chance. Partner with a knowledgeable Los Angeles drunk in public lawyer who can build the strongest defense for your unique situation.

With sound legal advice and skilled representation, you have the power to achieve the best possible result – whether that means getting charges reduced or dismissed, avoiding jail time and fines, or clearing your record. Don’t wait to get help fighting back. Every case is winnable with the right lawyer on your side.