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austin medical license revocation lawyers

Revocation of your medical license is a major blow to your practice and career. Issues challenging your license often begin as a simple request for information through a letter. However, these issues have the potential to escalate and result in loss of your license. The mistake that most health practitioners make is to dismiss claims made against them. Even if they look trivial and without merit, you should not dismiss them. The best course of action is to enlist the services of a medical license defense lawyer. This is the best person to judge the merits of the charges against you. There are several medical license issues that will require legal expertise.

Criminal convictions

A current or prior criminal conviction can cause your license to be revoked. If you need assistance to report the conviction, a medical defense lawyer can guide you. If you fail to report it within the stipulated time, you can face a revocation or suspension. In both circumstances, you will need legal aid to help reinstate your license. In such sensitive circumstances, you need a lawyer who has had previous experience in defending criminal convictions. The outcome of your hearing will heavily depend on the representation you choose and the advice they give you.

Obtaining a medical license

Obtaining a license when you have a prior criminal record, or a disciplinary issue can be daunting. In most cases, the process of getting a license under these circumstances can take longer. However, with the help of a defense attorney, the process can be smoother. A lawyer can help you present the issues in a way that will convince the board to reinstate or grant you a medical license. You may have a ready defense, but an attorney will help you package it in a proper manner.

Suspensions and revocations

There are many reasons that can lead to a license suspension or revocation. Some of the common ones include drug abuse, fraud, prescription issues, failure to comply with drug screening measures, probation violations, defaulting in payment of student loans, among others. As evidenced, a medical practitioner is exposed to many potential litigation charges. License suspension and litigation charges often have a time frame in which the licensee is expected to respond. Due to the anxiety of possibly losing your license, you need representation that will challenge these charges.

DUI convictions

A DUI conviction can mean the end of your medical career. Many physicians and health practitioners have lost their licenses through DUI convictions. Other have had to undergo demanding, invasive and lengthy monitoring requirements such as the state impairment program. Many physicians enroll in these programs without seeking the counsel of medical license defense attorneys. What ensues is a series of restrictions on their practice. If you are currently facing a DUI charge or have been previously convicted of one, you need the legal expertise of a medical license defense attorney. A minor violation can close the doors to hard earned medical career if not properly handled.

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